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Quinoa Brownies


If you are looking for a gluten free brownie that is a little healthier than your normal brownies these are for you.

A few weeks ago I posted this picture on Facebook along with this,

“Asked my kids if they wanted to try a new flourless brownie recipe I tried today. I guess this means it was good. 🙂 I won’t tell them it was actually a pretty healthy brownie.”

By the looks of the picture you can tell they approved. They had no idea that secret ingredient in these brownies was quinoa. Yes, I eventually told them, but not until the pan was almost gone.

Now I will say these are a healthier type brownie. If you are expecting a super rich and fudgy brownie, these are not them. These are really good and I will be making these again and often, but they do have a slightly healthy taste.


Lynn's Kitchen Adventures
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  1. Thanks, Lynn!! Excited to try these!! Pinned this recipe! 🙂

  2. Just made these and they turned out really well! We love quinoa – what a unique way to use it! I will say that I mistakenly threw the chocolate chips in the food processor and pureed it all, but it still worked. Even thumbs up from my two little ones. Thank you!

    • I am glad your family enjoyed them! I am having so much fun experimenting with quinoa in recipes like this and I love sharing them with all of you.

  3. Just tried this recipe. Really good. I added about 1/4 tsp. of peppermint extract to make mint brownies and they came out great. I always have quinoa on hand so, these are great when I’m craving something chocolatey!

  4. D Jensen says:

    This is the first time I tried quinoa brownies. I added some GL flour to thicken the batter. To be totally honest, I really liked them. It’s texture was more of a quiche than a brownie. But there were very flavorful and chocolatey. I would make them again.

  5. This recipe looks good, can’t wait to try it. I didn’t read in the recipe box where to add in the eggs, I assumed in the food proccesor with all the other ingredients. I really like your blog. Thank you.

  6. Thanks for your honest opinion in that they do have a healthy taste to them! I had been looking at the recipes on several sites and no one said anything other than, they’re so good which doesn’t say much.


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