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Homemade Chili Cheese Fries

When I posted a picture of these on Facebook one night when we had them for dinner, you all went crazy and wanted the recipe. So, I knew it was a recipe I had to share.

I am not sure if this should count as part of my homemade favorites series, but since it is a homemade version of a restaurant favorite I decided to include it.

Homemade Chili Cheese Fries are so quick and easy to make. They are one of my favorite quick and easy dinners, especially when I have chili in the freezer.

I will say chili cheese fries are all about the chili and the potatoes. So use your favorites. The better the chili the better the chili cheese fries.

I love to use one of my favorite homemade chili recipes, which is cattle drive chili, but you can use your favorite chili recipe or even canned. That is the fun of this recipe, you can change it up with whatever chili you have on hand or in the freezer. 

This is also one of those great cook once, eat twice, meals. A large batch of chili one day and the leftovers for chili cheese fries the next. YUM!


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  1. When I saw “homemade,” I sorta thought the whole thing would be homemade as well… I guess this means you don’t have a favorite fries recipe? About how many potatoes would you say 28 ounces are?

    • I think about 6-8 potatoes. You could easily do these like homemade oven fries and cook them until almost done then top them with the chili and cheese like I do here. It would work fine.

  2. Teresa Rouzer says:

    Can you believe it? I have just recently discovered Chili Cheese Fries at a local fast food place. Homemade will be so much better! Can’t wait to try this recipe!

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