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Slow Cooked Pulled Pork with Mexican Coleslaw

Slow Cooked Pulled Pork with Mexican Coleslaw

Today for Slow Cooker Monday I am sharing a new favorite slow cooker meal at our house. This is one that will be on the menu plan often.

When my daughter and I visited Oregon a few weeks ago, my sister made a shredded pork taco with a Mexican coleslaw one day for lunch and it was delicious. I instantly knew it was a meal my husband would love.

Slow Cooked Pulled Pork with Mexican Coleslaw_

My sister told me what she did for the pork and she gave me the recipe for the Mexican Coleslaw, but because I always like to tweak recipes a little, ok a lot, I changed it up and came up with a delicious slow cooker version of the pork.

It turned out so good and was so easy to make with the crock pot. I think pork is best cooked low and slow, so it works great in the slow cooker.

And if you have never tried a Mexican or Southwest coleslaw, you need to. It is a fun twist on a basic coleslaw that goes really well with this pork. I adjusted the basic recipe my sister gave me by basically tasting it as I made it until I got it how I liked.

I also like to brine my pork roast for recipes like this. I think it really helps the taste and texture.

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Slow Cooked Pulled Pork with Mexican Coleslaw


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  1. Mmm sounds yummy! What type of pork roast do you recommend?

  2. This sounds really good, both the pork and the slaw. We like fish tacos, think this slaw would be good on them!

    • Yes, I was thinking the same thing about fish tacos and plan to use the same recipe on them next time I make them. I think the slaw would work on a lot of things.

  3. Christina says:

    I made this over the weekend – it was good. Maybe a little too mild for my taste, but the pork turned out beautifully (I think I used a pork loin roast, and a 2 pound cut of pork made plenty for my husband and I, plus leftovers). The coleslaw was really delicious! The flavors were great and really complimented the pork nicely. Thanks for a great recipe!

  4. Do you think a boneless pork loin would be suitable for this recipe?

  5. Jamie Radosta says:

    I’ve seen other recipes that included adding 12 ounces of beer to the pork. Do you think beer would work well with the other ingredients in this recipe?

  6. Hooray…finally a site that has crockpot recipes that include real ingredients….not “pour on one bottle of …, then add a can of….,and the sprinkle in a packet of….” Yay can’t wait to cook this!

  7. How many does this serve please? Thank you

  8. This was delicious–thank you!

  9. I tried this recipe and it was delicious!! Do you know the nutrition facts?

  10. I put the ingredients in a saucepan and once the onions were tender, I added leftover shredded pork roast. I let it simmer until heated through, put it in the shells with the coleslaw, yummy!!


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