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BBQ Cheese Fries

BBQ Fries

We are all busy this time of year and most of us are overloaded with sugar filled food and recipes. I mean we all love sugar and sweets, but we have to eat real food too. So, today I wanted to share one of my family’s favorite quick and easy, I don’t have time for dinner, but don’t want to go out to eat, meals.

This meal could not be easier because you use leftover bbq and frozen french fries. I almost always have some bbq in my freezer, because I love to make a large crock pot full and freeze it in zip top type bags. It works great for sandwiches, over potatoes, and for using in these bbq cheese fries.

And I almost always have a bag of those frozen fries in my freezer as well, so this makes a really quick and easy meal.

These are very similar to my taco fries and chili cheese fries, but in a bbq version.

BBQ Fries-

This works with pork, beef, or chicken. And if you don’t have any bbq in your freezer like I do, you can easily make a large crock pot full of this for using on sandwiches one night and then serve as bbq cheese fries the next. Two meals in one are perfect for this busy time of year.

BBQ Fries_




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