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Favorite Christmas Food or Tradition

Ask The Readers

It has been awhile since I did an Ask the Readers question, so today I thought we would talk Christmas.

One of my favorite Christmas traditions was Christmas breakfast. I am not sure my parents planned for it to be a tradition, but every year my mom made a special breakfast on Christmas morning. It was usually what we called Dutch Babies, basically a German pancake. My sisters and I always looked forward to it and we still remember those special breakfasts.

I have continued the tradition of a special breakfast on Christmas Day with my family. We don’t always have the same thing every year, but it is always a special breakfast that I make.

What fun Christmas tradition or food do you have? Is there something that you do each year, that just wouldn’t seem like Christmas if you did without it? 

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures


  1. I always make two small egg casseroles (different likes in our group) and a batch of homemade cinnamon rolls. I love everything can be prepped the night before. While we open gifts the three pans are in the oven. When we are done with gifts, breakfast is ready.

  2. Cheryl Brown says:

    Well after my 1st shild was born and we got him his “1st Christmas” ornament I decided that we would make that a tradition to get a new orniment every year. When each child was little we would choose one by what they were really into that year and then as they got older we let them choose their own. One thing I did not always do – which I regret – is put their names and year on each of them. But now that our children are grown and gone we have memories and they take a few here and there – Now my daughters do it with their children.

  3. We give/get new Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve. We also have a Christmas breakfast, actually more like brunch, with Polish sausage and nut bread or cinnamon rolls.

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