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Homemade Orange and Raspberry Chocolates {Just Like Those from a Box}

Orange Chocolates_

A homemade box of chocolates makes the perfect holiday gift. Really how wouldn’t love to receive a big box of chocolates.

Raspberry Chocolates_

These orange and raspberry chocolates are a favorite in my family.

Orange Chocolates-

When my daughter tasted the orange version of these she said “Mom these taste just like the kind you get in a box of chocolates.” And I was so happy, because that is just what I was hoping for.

Raspberry Chocolates

Because of my daughter’s nut and peanut allergy, boxes of chocolate are pretty much off limits for our family. They just aren’t safe because even the non-nut ones have too high of a risk of cross contamination.

So, these homemade fruit chocolates work great for us.

You can really use any extract for these. Lemon is good and I think cherry would also be good. If you make up several flavors of these and place them in tins or boxes, they would make a unique and delicious gift. And also a pretty inexpensive gift to give.

Orange Chocolates


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  1. Oh! These look wonderful and easy! My dad would love the orange ones!

  2. These sound so good but have a question for you. I have never seen raspberry extract before, where did you find it?

  3. What a great idea, Lynn! I love your creativity to make something that is now off limits for your family.

  4. these are my favorite storebought candy! i can’t wait to try this.

  5. I made these for my mother in law who loves orange chocolate. She loved these!!! ALOT!

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