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How To Clean a Can Opener {The Easy Way}


It is Tuesday which means it is the day I share a kitchen tip or a kitchen tool. Last week I shared a favorite kitchen tool, so today I have a kitchen tip for you.

Today’s tips is a simple one, but one I use all the time.

We open cans all the time in our kitchens. Many of those cans, especially things like beans, can be a bit messy to open. And when they are messy they often get the can opener messy.

You can easily wipe or rinse the can opener off. I have found though that the can opener will often start to rust because you can’t get it completely dry. It also doesn’t always get it completely clean unless you spend a lot of time working on it.

My solution is simple.

cleaning a can opener

Open a paper towel.

Well okay, you are not actually opening a paper towel because there is nothing to open on a paper towel, but you do the same basic thing you would for a can. Clamp down on the paper towel and turn the can opener.

cleaning a can opener _

You just keep turning until the paper towel feeds through and is clean.

cleaning a can opener __

See all that nastiness that came off my can opener?! But see how easy it is to clean? So quick and easy using just a paper towel. A nice clean can opener with no water, no scrubbing, and no rust.

You can also do this with wax paper, but I find a paper towel gets it a little cleaner. And you don’t need a whole paper towel to do this. I often just tear off part of a paper towel.

Have any of you tried this before? 


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  1. Kristine says:

    Thanks for the tip. I hadn’t thought of doing that. Great idea. 🙂

  2. I have been looking for that particular can opener. The last time I bought one was about 10 years ago. Can you tell me where I can buy one today (I am afraid they don’t make it anymore). Thanks for your help.

    • That can opener is a free one I got a few years ago. It has a Bush Beans logo on it and I was sent it with a package of other products for a campaign I worked on with them. I love it. It is my favorite can opener, but I am not sure where to tell you to get one. Sorry. I have seen similar ones at Walmart and Target, but I am not sure they are exactly the same.

  3. What a great tip.

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