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One of the most popular features on my site has always been my Ask the Readers posts. I love doing them and you all love sharing tips and ideas to help others.

In this online social media driven world we all like to think we are experts, but the reality is we are not. We all have so much to learn. Which is why I love asking my readers for help. You can be a wealth of information and I love hearing your thoughts and opinions.

Over the years you have helped me decide on which kitchen appliances I should get it. The thoughts you shared on dishwashers, electric griddles, casserole crock pots, and others have been so helpful. Last week you helped one of my readers by sharing your thoughts on ceramic pans.

You have helped me buy running shoes. We have talked about what is the best dairy free milk and the best gluten free pastas. 

We have also talked the price of butter, eggs, and ground beef on Ask the Readers. I have loved these posts because they help us realize that everyone feels the pain of rising grocery prices.

We have also had some fun Ask the Readers questions like Miracle Whip or Mayonnaise, if olives belong on Mexican food, and how you eat your tuna fish sandwiches.

You all really are a wealth or useful and fun information.

Last week when you helped one of my readers that asked about ceramic pans, I realized that we all could easily help each other even more if I featured more Ask the Readers questions submitted by you, the readers.

So here is your chance to ask each other questions. To get help when it comes to all things kitchen and food related items.

Do you need help finding a new kitchen appliance? Do you have a cooking or allergy free eating question? Do you have a recipe question or just a fun food question?

You can now submit those questions for my Ask the Readers posts. I am hoping to feature a few questions a month. If I get enough questions though I will turn it into a weekly feature. I can’t wait to see what you all want to know.

Click below to submit your question. If I use your question I will email you to let you know when it will be posted.



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  1. What can I substitute for teff flour in a recipe? We really dislike the taste of it, and I wondered what I could use instead. Would buckwheat be alright, do you think? Because the recipe is for a whole grain flour mix, I would like to substitute another whole grain flour. The recipe also calls for ground flax seed, brown rice flour, some starches, and almond flour. I don’t want to increase the flax seed meal in particular since it already has a rather large profile. Thanks for your thoughts.

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