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Mexican Breakfast Pizza

Mexican Breakfast Pizza is a great breakfast. It is also a fun way to change up pizza night with a quick and easy version of pizza.
Mexican Breakfast Pizza

Friday nights are pizza and movie night at our house. It has been that way for years. It doesn’t happen every week, especially now that our kids are getting older, but we try hard to make as many Fridays as possible family movie and pizza night.

One of the things that I have learned is that I can’t mess with Friday pizza and movie night. It can’t be hamburgers and movie night or soup and movie night. My family likes it best when I stick to pizza and pizza only. After all these years they think the combination is a must.

Mexican Breakfast Pizza

For most pizza nights I don’t mind making pizza. I grew up on homemade pizza. It is pretty much all we had. I love making pizza at home and love being able to customize the toppings.

We also live in the country where pizza delivery is non existent. As in we are way too far out for that. And bringing pizza in is not an option either because it is not worth the special trip. So homemade pizza it is for us.

Recently though I was tired when Friday came around. It had been a long week and the last thing I wanted to do was make pizza. Usually when this happens one of my girls will jump in and help, but on this Friday that was not an option.

I thought about making something else, but I knew better than to mess with pizza night. I decided to get creative and came up with a quick and easy pizza that my family ended up loving.

I have made tortilla pizzas many times. Basically you use a tortilla for the crust. It makes a quick and easy homemade pizza. French bread pizza or english muffins work also for a quick and easy pizza. This particular day though I did not have any of those things on hand, so I had to get creative with another quick pizza crust.

I decided to use some tostada shells that I had on hand. I took them basic idea that I use for my Mexican Pizza and change it up by turned it into a Mexican Breakfast Pizza using tostada shells.

It was quick, easy, and delicious. And it was close enough to pizza that my family did not mind it for pizza night.

If you need a quick and easy pizza or want to change up pizza night this is a recipe your family is sure to love!

Mexican Breakfast Pizza



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