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No-Bake Honey Cheesecake

No Bake Honey Cheesecake

Today’s recipe for No-Bake Honey Cheesecake is a simple dessert perfect for summer.

Long time readers will know that I love desserts. LOVE them! I will take a dessert over a meal anytime. Not that it is a healthy thing to admit. Or that I am proud of it. But I totally have a sweet tooth.

I know though that everything needs to be in moderation. Especially when it comes to things like sugar.

I am not going to call today’s dessert healthy. Honey is sugar, but I do think this is healthier than a lot of cheesecake recipes. It is simple. It contains basic ingredients. It is also delicious.

The honey in this gives it great flavor. It is not overly sweet, but the flavor and sweetness of the honey is there.

I served this recently with some fresh fruit that I had, but you could easily serve this with peaches, raspberries, or whatever your favorite fruit is to use for cheesecake.

No Bake Honey Cheesecake

One of my kids skipped the fruit and covered it in chocolate. Not exactly healthy, but delicious.

Because several in my family eat gluten free I made this crustless. I often do that with cheesecake. If I have would have had enough gluten free graham crackers on hand I would have made a graham cracker crust. But I didn’t and crustless was delicious as well.

For individual cheesecakes make them in small jars or ramekins.

No Bake Honey Cheesecake


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  1. D. Smith says:

    Do you have to do anything special or different to make it crustless? Do you just spread the filling into a pie plate or what??

    • I just spread it right into the pan. It makes it a little harder and less pretty to serve, but it works. If your family can have nuts, mine can’t because of my daughters nut allergy, you can sprinkle finely chopped nut in the pan and then pour the filling over that. It kind of acts as a crust and makes serving a little easier. I hope that helps.

  2. D. Smith says:

    Thanks for the reply. I would probably, then, just put the filling into individual ramekins as suggested somewhere in your article. Sounds delicious.

  3. ooh, sounds good. I always have honey on hand since my dad has an apiary

  4. LaTrice says:

    OMG. I LOVE cheesecake!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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