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A Glimpse Into Real Life

There is no menu plan this week. I needed a break from menu planning to step back and figure out a few things. Last week’s plan did not go at all as planned and to be honest I am not sure what this week’s meals will look like. The name of my site is “Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures” and over the next few weeks I will definitely be on a new adventure in my kitchen.

I am on a temporary gluten free diet. Yes, me the person who loves to bake bread and make cookies, am on a gluten free diet. I have suffered with severe GERDS (acid reflux) and other health problems for years, really, since I was a child. Over the years I have been to many doctors, had many tests, and taken many medicines and we still do not know why I have these problems. So, in an effort to try to figure some things out, I am off of all gluten. I don’t really know how long it will be maybe a few weeks, maybe a few months.

The problem I am having is that I have a family that I still have to cook for. I have a daughter that has severe asthma and I have been trying to get more whole grains down her. Right now I am trying to figure out how to work all this out. Figuring out how I can avoid gluten and yet still feed the rest of my family healthy meals that they will enjoy will be a real adventure.

I do plan hope to continue cooking pretty normal for the rest of my family, so my posts and recipes should be pretty much the same here. We may just be eating more meat and potato type meals and less pasta and breads. I figure some of the time I will just end up eating something different than they are. I do know I will still be baking plenty of desserts. I enjoy that too much to stop. However, I will not be tasting them.

I also figure this may give me a chance to try a few new recipes that I wouldn’t have tried otherwise. Many Asian and Mexican foods are already gluten free. I wouldn’t have to do anything to change those.

However, if I post about cookies and cakes over the next few weeks and say how good they were, it means my family thought they were good. If I say we liked it, it will really mean my family liked it, because I will NOT be eating foods with gluten no matter how big of a temptation they are. (I really hope I can do this)

And as always thank you for following my adventures in the kitchen.

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures


  1. Hi Lynn,

    My MIL has celiac and she eats entirely gluten (and dairy) free. If you’re looking for sweets while avoiding gluten… I have two recommendations.

    1) Black-Bean Brownies (

    2) and, a new cookbook put out by the folks at Enjoy Life Foods: “Cookies for Everyone”. I was able to get this cookbook from the library, and they have so many wonderful desserts/snacks, etc., that are free of not only gluten, but all the top allergens.

    As someone with allergies too, learning how to cook to meet these needs is a whole new (but fun) challenge.

  2. So sorry for your troubles. I have a friend that cannot have gluten or sugar. She also has to watch carbs. It is very hard to find foods, especially desserts that she can eat. I have gerd that I take meds for. It isn’t a fun thing.

    I do enjoy your recipes and your blog!

  3. Wishing you much good luck on this new kitchen adventure. You can do it! 🙂

  4. Good luck with this, Lynn! I hope you’ll keep us posted. I’ve often wondered about cutting gluten from my diet, too. Need willpower!

  5. Hey Lynn, I know how hard it is to be cooking two separate meals. My son is dairy, gluten, egg, soy, fish and nut free so many nights he either gets an adaptation of what we are having or something else entirely. Many recipes though are naturally gluten free like many soups (with a gluten free stock of course) or meat/potatoes/veggie type dishes. Let me know if you have any questions and I’d be happy to try and help.


  6. I enjoy reading your website–I am sorry to hear about your health problems. I hope gluten is not the issue. ;o)

    I didn’t know if you’d seen the 356 crockpot blog. She has a child with gluten sensitivity and all of her recipes are gluten free. She has a cookbook coming out soon too, but there are lots to keep you busy in the mean time!

    Good luck.

  7. So sorry to hear about your gluten problem, but maybe this will make your digestion more pleasant. In addition to Crockpot365, most of the recipes on $5dinners are gluten free.

    Some other gluten free blogs/websites are:

    I hope this helps. Please know, you are not the only one out there struggling with the same issues.

  8. Hope you find the answers to your health troubles.

    I happened to see a GF pie crust recipe on Nestle’s site today and thought of you.

    Keep us posted as you try GF stuff. My family doesn’t need to eat that way, but we have someone at church who does. It’s nice to be able to make something *everyone* can eat so reading about your adventures will undoubtedly help many of the rest of us.

  9. Karen, thanks for the pie crust link. I may have to try to. I hadn’t even thought to look for one of those yet.

  10. Good luck and stick to it! I went wheat-free a few years ago for 3 weeks to see if it helped me. I don’t think that was my problem and I eat wheat now, but it’s a real challenge. Find things you can eat and focus on the health benefits! 🙂

  11. I’ve recently gone gluten-free, just about one year now, and once you start to pick up the baking techniques, it actually gets pretty easy fast. I’ve even adapted some of your recipes with a gluten-free flour mix and xantham gum. I suggest for baking tips. Good luck! I know I feel thousands of times better without gluten, it’s worth it when it works.

  12. Welcome to the world of gluten free eating. You’re right about it getting you to try some other foods. I have several Mexican casseroles that my family really enjoys. I only discovered them after I had to eat gf. Please email me if you have questions about the diet or cooking/baking.

  13. I went gluten free about 6 months ago. I understand the challenges that you face. It is challenging but it is possible. I wish you the best of luck. FYI Publix has a list of GF products on their website.

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.