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Baked Banana Oatmeal

I have posted my baked peanut butter oatmeal, a baked peanut butter chocolate chip version, and my baked pumpkin oatmeal. I even posted my soy butter version that my daughter enjoys.

All of these are family favorites and we enjoy them, but today I have yet another version for you that we love and it is Baked Banana Oatmeal.

I love these baked oatmeals because not only are they easy to make, they are a healthy breakfast that my kids love.

This version is a basic baked banana oatmeal that we add chocolate chips to. The banana version is one of the most versatile of the baked oatmeals that I have come up.

I think it would be good with nuts and cinnamon added instead of the chocolate chips. This would make it a banana nut baked oatmeal. You could also easily add peanut butter to it and make it peanut butter banana baked oatmeal or peanut butter, banana, chocolate chip.

There are so many ways you can make this and that is what I love about the basic baked peanut butter oatmeal recipe that I came up with. They are all so easy and so good!

Some of you have already shared with me that you have experimented and come up with a banana version and others versions that you love. I am so glad that many of you enjoy the baked oatmeals as much as we do.

Look for more fun variations coming next month. I have a few more to share.

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  1. sounds good! Might have to give this a try for breakfast in the morning :o) Thanks for sharing!

  2. We have tried and love your other versions and now I can’t wait to try this. My little guys eat it like a cake but we love the milk added to our bowls. Your breakfast recipes keep variety in my menus.

  3. This sounds AMAZING! I LOVE the taste of baked/cooked bananas. Many people don’t realize that they take on totally different, sweet and yummy taste when cooked! My kids used to love oatmeal, but they haven’t really liked it as much lately, which bums me out because it is so good for them, so I am hoping that something like this, that also has bananas, which they love, in it, will get them eating it again! 🙂 Can’t wait to try it! Glad I found your site!

  4. Sounds yummy! How many portions this makes? Seems like it may be a lot for our family of three. Does it taste good reheated later?

    • @Marta, I have three kids, so five in our family and this is just about one breakfast for us. Yes, it reheats well. I often double it so that we can get a couple of breakfasts out of it. I hope that helps.

  5. This sounds like such a comforting breakfast. I love baked oatmeal and think your variations sound fantastic!!

  6. Yum, this is getting me ready for breakfast. I’d love it if you came and linked this up to my Holiday Recipe link party. This would be perfect for Christmas morning.

  7. I bet this is fabulous! I actually have a ton of bananas to use up so this would be perfect! Thanks! : )

  8. Oh my goodness this looks so yummy and easy too! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  9. Could you substitute old-fashioned rolled oats and how would you change the recipe for that?

    • @Chris, I have not tried it with the banana version, but I have with some of my other versions and yes it works, but the texture is a little different. I hope that helps.

  10. Just thought I’d add that I made this this morning and it was awesome. But, after making it and eating it I realized I had forgotten the brown sugar. And it was still great and plenty sweet with the bananas and chocolate. Thx for the recipe.

  11. We loved this. Tastes just like Banana Bread. I left out the chocolate chips and added walnuts (no nut allergy here).

  12. I’ve been browsing your baked oatmeal recipes and I’m thinking as many different varieties as you have – I’ll bet you could make baked oatmeal of one kind or another in your sleep. 😀

    • @Sharon, I probably could just about make it in my sleep. And I still have another couple of versions to post about. 🙂 I love them all and so do my kids. So easy and so good!

  13. yum! can’t wait to try this and the peanut butter one!

  14. Stupid question, but do you store covered in the fridge or covered on the counter? Can’t wait to make & try it!!

  15. This sounds absolutely delicious!! We did love the peanut butter oatmeal, so definitely have to try this one now! 🙂 Thank you for these awesome recipes!

  16. I can’t wait to try this – its in the oven now! I added an extra egg (trying to sneak in extra protien), 1T cinnamon, and 1T chia seeds. I can’t wait to try it! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  17. My daughter and I made this for breakfast this morning and it was SO good! New things can be hit or miss with my 2 year old but she gobbled this right up!

    I also want to tell you I’ve tried and love lots of your recipes! Your blog is definitely a go-to for me when I”m looking for something new!

  18. Erin Rose says

    Oh yummo! Just made it to eat over the next couple days during my work stretch as a nurse. This is way better than I thought it would be! Only thing I did different was used honey instead of brown sugar! Thanks!

  19. Just wondering if you’ve ever tried mixing up baked oatmeal the night before, and how it turned out?

    • My other baked oatmeal recipes work great made up the night before and baked in the morning. This banana one though is not as good when made up the night before. The mashed bananas do not hold up well and they turn brown. However, I do like to make a large batch of this and any of my other baked oatmeal recipes bake them and reheat them throughout the week for breakfast. That works great! I hope that helps and that you enjoy the oatmeal recipe.

  20. Joyce Burton says

    Lynn, the baked banana oatmeal (guten free) is wonderful. I added crunchy peanut butter to it and next time I may throw in some raisins! 🙂
    Joyce (in Ardmore, OK)

  21. Stacie Zamora says

    I just made this for my daughters today and they both enjoyed it. Although I do have plenty of leftovers for the week! I am going to refrigerate a couple of chunks for tomorrow’s breakfast and freeze the rest so they can have “instant” oatmeal at hand.

  22. Made it for breakfast this morning for the first time. It was so good(even without the chocolate chips). My first time eating baked oatmeal and I think we’ll be making it again soon! Thank you!

    • I am so happy that you enjoyed the baked oatmeal. And yes it is good without the chocolate. Some in my family actually prefer it without the chocolate. 🙂

  23. I made this for breakfast this morning and it was quick and easy. The kids declared it delicious!

  24. I just plugged this recipe into and found that with 1% milk and walnuts instead of chocolate chips there are only 234 calories per serving (with the entire recipe making 10 servings). That’s not too shabby! I think I’ll be making this pretty soon! Thanks for the recipe!

  25. Any suggestions for trying these baked oatmeal recipes without eggs? My son has a severe egg allergy, so I’m wondering what a good alternative would be. We can’t use egg replacers, but sometimes find ground flaxseed mixed with water to be a good option. Sounds delicious!

    • The egg acts mainly as a binder and for texture, so yes I would try the flaxseed and water. I think that should work pretty well in place of the egg.

  26. We found it a bit sweet for our tastes, so we halved the brown sugar the second time around. DELICIOUS, either way! My three year-old son loves it. If we make it for breakfast and don’t put a hunk in his preschool lunch for dessert, boy do we hear about it. 😀

    • He must really like it to think of it as dessert. 🙂 But that is so cute! I agree this is so kid friendly. Mine eat it all the time and love it!

  27. I made this today and it was so delicious! I’m diabetic so to cut back on the extra carbs I added walnuts instead of chocolate chips, it can even stand to cut back on the brown sugar so I’m going to try 1/3 cup next time. Thanks for the recipe!

    • I love nuts added to this, but since my daughter is allergic to all tree nuts and peanuts, we now have to avoid them. A little peanut butter added to this is also good. 🙂 I am glad to know that cutting back the sugar worked for you. Thanks for letting me know how much you enjoyed it!

  28. I usually stick my overripe bananas in the freezer and use them for banana bread. Have you ever tried using frozen/thawed bananas in this? Did it taste any different? I’d love to have another use for those things since I don’t bake breads often 🙂

    • I have never tried it with frozen bananas, but I do not see why it wouldn’t work. We usually eat our bananas up before I have time to freeze them, so I have never tried it in this. 🙂

    • That is EXACTLY what I was thinking, “yay!! Another (and healthier) use for older bananas besides banana bread!!!”

  29. This is a really good recipe. I made 1/2 the amount for two people. I added 1/2 the brown sugar inside and 1/2 to the top when there was only 4 minutes of cooking time left. Put it on broil for the last 2-3 minutes so that the top got crispy and caramelized. Tip: don’t try to add sliced bananas to the top because they turn black…Very good recipe, very decadent!!

  30. My oldest son is 4 and has never eaten any type of oatmeal until your baked oatmeal recipes. He loved them from the start. THANK YOU so much. It is so nice to get a healthy breakfast in him. Great site with many good recipes.

  31. I am trying this tonight! I looked up the calories the way the recipe is and added a 1/2 cup skim milk to poor on top and came up with 192.2 calories per serving- I put that it makes 9 servings… sounds pretty healthy to me!! Thank you for the great comfort food 🙂 Do you have a recipe for a raisin cinnamon oatmeal bake? Thanks again!

  32. Made this this morning for a Sunday brunch with friends. A really nice option for something filling, sweet and healthy. Thanks for the recipe. X

  33. Hi Lynn,
    I would really like to try this recipe! I was wondering how I would change it to use steel cut oats. Any thoughts?
    Thanks, Kat

    • I have never tried it. I would probably work, but you might need to adjust the liquid and cooking time. I would love to hear how it turns out if you try it.

  34. Hi Lynn! My boys and I are eating this for breakfast as I type and we LOVE it! The only difference I made was subbing out raising for the chocolate chips. This is our new favorite breakfast, thanks! 🙂

  35. Hi Lynn, thank you so much for this recipe. Made it yesterday for breakfast and shared some with one of my gym friends. Everybody loved it so much.

    • I am glad everyone enjoyed it. It is one of my family’s favorite ways to eat oatmeal and I love hearing that others enjoy it as well.

  36. I can’t wait to try this! Perfect timing! For the first time in a year I have 3 overripe bananas on my counter. My 6 year old will definitely help make this today. Thanks!

  37. I am loving your baked oatmeal recipes!!! Just made this one and my whole family adored it!! Thank you for sharing!

    • Oh yes, and I saw someone was wondering about using frozen (thawed) bananas, I always do this and I used frozen thawed bananas for this recipe and it worked perfectly!

      • I am glad to know that works. I have used frozen bananas for other things, but I don’t think I have ever used it in this. So thanks for letting us know it works.

  38. I make this all the time (and other variations) and love it! But I’m wondering, have you ever tried doing it in muffin tins?

    • Yes it can be. In fact all of my baked oatmeal recipes work great as “muffins”. I like to make them that way and then freeze them. You simply make up the baked oatmeal and cook it in a greased muffin pan at 350 degrees for 15-18 minutes. It works great. I hope that helps.

  39. What size pan would work if I cut the recipe in half? 8 x 8?

    • Yes an 8×8 pan works great for half a recipe of baked oatmeal. You can also use a round cake pan or deep dish pie plate. I have use all three and it works fine. It will be a little thicker or thinner but they all work for half a recipe. I hope that helps and that you enjoy it.

  40. LOVE this recipe. Do you store leftovers in the fridge?


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