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Crustless White Chocolate Cheesecake

Yesterday I posted about my love of cheesecake and how I have finally discovered the trick to making the best cheesecake.

See how creamy that cheesecake is? It has a lot to do with the tips for the perfect cheesecake that I posted yesterday.

Today, though I want to share with you my new favorite cheesecake recipe. I served this Crustless White Chocolate Cheesecake last month when my sister and brother in-law visited and they agreed that this was one of the best cheesecakes they have eaten.

It is perfectly rich and creamy and oh so good.

This would make a wonderful dessert for the holidays served with a homemade raspberry or another fruit sauce.

And for those of you that prefer a regular chocolate cheesecake I will be posting a very yummy recipe for a chocolate cheesecake next week, that is also perfect for the holidays.

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  1. I made this cheesecake and had it at Lynn’s. Another tip I’d add: use high quality white chocolate. The cheaper stuff doesn’t taste as good.

  2. I made this cheesecake for Christmas. It was the best cheesecake I have ever tasted (including restaurants)! I will be making this again…I used the cheesecake tips (room temperature cream cheese, beating the cream cheese well and then not over beating the additional ingredients when adding them). I had to cook an extra 30 minutes longer than the recipe directions call for (90 minutes at 250 degrees and then turn the oven off without opening it for an additional hour). Thanks for an exceptional recipe!

  3. Hi Lynn! I’m so excited to make this cheesecake! I was wondering, if I add a crust, do you know if I need to adjust the cooking time?

    Also, what kind of chocolate do you use? I was considering Nestle white chocolate chips…would that be good or do I need to go with the white bark stuff at the grocery store? Thanks so much!

    • I do not think you will need to add any time for the crust. I think it will still cook the same. Because the white chocolate is the main flavor in this I would go with a nicer chocolate not the bark stuff. I like Ghiradelli white chocolate and I can find it in most stores here.

      • Okay Lynn,
        I made this tonight and it didn’t turn out well 🙁 The flavor is amazing; however, it never set up. I think it was my water bath. I did everything as described in the directions, and baked for 1 1/2 hours (it was still super wiggly at 1 hour) then turned off the oven and went to the store. I came back about 1 1/2 hours later (so a total of 3 hours in the oven) and it was still super wet. The only thing I can think of is that my water that went into my water bath was hot, but not boiling. Since it has to get to 212 degrees before it begins to help do any work and since the oven temp is only 250, it probably took too long (who knows, 30 minutes or longer even) for the water to reach 212, it likely slowed down the overall cooking. So, my suggestion is to maybe say the water should be boiling. I’m going to try it again in a few days as I am determined to have this for Christmas 🙂 I did sample a small outside bite and I am in love!

        • Did you let it fully cool down? If it is at all warm it will be runny. It needs that refrigeration time to fully set up, so if you skipped that step or did not do it for several hours that would be my guess as to why it did not set up.

          • I did not refrigerate it because when I took it out of the oven it was still very jiggly. I put a knife in it and it was still very wet. Should I have kept it??? I didn’t want to make anyone sick from eggs and such that weren’t fully cooked and had been slightly warm for a few hours. Oh if I should have kept it and it was fine (and correct) I’m going to cry (again) and possibly dig it out of the garbage for another taste….well, maybe not that far 🙂

        • Now I feel bad that you threw away all those ingredients. 🙁 I would guess that if it cooked for 1 1/2 hours and then you left it in the oven for 1 1/2 hours it was probably safe to eat, but it is hard for me to say without seeing it. It is still supposed to be jiggly, but not soupy and should firm up the rest of the way once refrigerated. Another reader mentioned in the comments that she had to cook hers 30 minutes extra, so it the time may vary some on the time although, that is the time it takes in my oven. Is your oven temperature accurate? If you try it again you could raise the oven temperature 25 degrees or so or even go up to 300 degrees for the oven temperature, that would help make sure it gets done. And I would be sure to use boiling water for the water bath. I hope that helps. And again I am sorry.

          • Please do not be sorry. I know now that it was probably okay, but I didn’t want to take a chance sending it to my husband’s co-workers, especially before Christmas. Thank you so much for your help! I’m so looking forward to it as what little bite I had was so great. I included an Oreo crust and I’m going to make your raspberry sauce. I will let you know how it turns out next time. Thanks again!

  4. Lynn, I made the cheesecake again tonight with great success! It is beautiful! I can’t wait to eat it and the raspberry sauce tomorrow for Christmas. Thanks so much!

  5. not sure if you are still viewing this or not…but had a quick question…never made cheesecake before so I’m sure I’m doing something wrong….is the thickness of the cake of this recipe using a 9 in pan only supposed to be about an inch or so thick?…..have read many reviews/hints on blending and not blending too long….any hint on when you know the cream cheese is blended enough…I think i was so afraid to not over beat that maybe I didn’t blend enough…..the cake tastes good but just does not look like a normal cheesecake…..any idea how much extra I should bake if I used an 8 inch pan? Thanks for your insight.

    • This is not a super thick cheesecake, I would say under 2 inches, but I have never measured it. I would probably add 5-10 minutes onto the time for an 8 inch pan since it is thicker. Do you think you deflated the eggs, but stirring them in too much? That could have caused it to be more dense. And on the beating of the cream cheese part, you do not want to over beat it, but you want to be sure it is smooth because you do not want to have chunks of cream cheese. At least the cheesecake tasted good, that is the important part. 🙂 If this is your first cheesecake to make, don’t give up. Once you get making them down, it is so worth it. I hope that helps.

      • thank you for the quick reply….when you say deflating the eggs…you mean the egg whites I assume….I guess I could have folded them in to much….thanks again for the tips

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