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Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and although we all know that, it is one meal many of us eat in a hurry on our way out the door.

And I will admit that breakfast is one of the hardest meals for me. I want something at least semi-healthy, easy, and that my kids will love. Those can be hard to fit into one breakfast.

We love baked oatmeal and homemade granola, but we needed to add some variety into our breakfasts. So, over the last few months I have been experimenting trying to come up with some new breakfast ideas for my family.

Today’s recipe is one of the new things I have come up with. Think baked oatmeal, but in a cookie form. They are hearty, pretty healthy, and have cookie in the name. And who doesn’t want to eat a cookie for breakfast.

These freeze really well and are a great grab and go breakfast. We have found that we like them best warm, so we put them in the microwave for 30 seconds or so, just to heat them up slightly.

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  1. These were great! I made them yesterday (with the chocolate chips), and my kids couldn’t believe they were actually “healthy cookies”! Jackpot! 🙂 I just finished having a couple with my coffee this morning, and they were perfect for this non-breakfast lover…filling and not too sweet. Thanks, Lynn!

    • I am so glad you enjoyed them! I am not a breakfast eater either, but when I can have a cookie for breakfast I am all for it. 🙂

  2. These look so good I am going to put raisins instead of choc chips hope that works.
    Will be great for the kids.

    • Raisins would be really good. Really you can change these up quite a bit and make them with whatever add ins you want. I hope you enjoy them.

  3. You can not use old fashioned

  4. my family does not like banana in things. What would be the substitution?

  5. Thanks for this recipe! I made them last night for today too and everyone loved them!! (And old fashioned oats worked fine.) I think there’s barely enough left for tomorrow’s breakfast, but next time I’ll need a double batch to get any into the freezer! Thanks!!!

  6. Love them! Could you come up with variations??? just like the baked oatmeals??? My family doesn’t do baked oatmeal but they love these cookies!!! I used oad fashioned oats as well. This breangs a whole new meaning to breakfast!!! Thank you!

    • I am working on that. My kids love these too because they are an easy grab and go breakfast. Look for more versions coming soon. I am glad you all enjoyed them!

  7. Hi…just came across your website and love it…just a question…how ripe are the bananas you are using for this recipe? Ripe or overripe? Thanks!

  8. One other question…what is the total number of cookies this recipe makes…thanks!

  9. This is great! I’m always looking for healthy snacks for my kids at school. The kids get kind of bored with the same ole same ole. I can’t wait to make these up and surprise them! Thanks!

  10. How do you store them? can they be frozen?

  11. Wonderful recipe! I modified it slightly and used coconut oil in place of the butter and added chopped macadamia nuts instead of chocolate chips. I used up some of the bananas I threw in the freezer months ago when they got too ripe. Frozen slightly thawed bananas work so great for these type of recipes as when they thaw some they are basically already mashed and the flavor is more intense. These are so fantastic. My visiting family used ate them for “dessert’ with my coconut milk ice cream on top and raved. LOL.

    • I am glad you enjoyed it! I love the changes you made to it. There are so many ways to change up this basic recipe and I love hearing how my readers change it up. Thanks for letting me know.

  12. They seemed a little “runny” when I was finished mixing, but turned out pretty well, thanks!

  13. These are fab!! Thank you so much for the recipe. I’ve made them twice in the past two days! The first batch went to my son’s kindergarten graduation this morning… they were a hit. The second batch I just took out of the oven for home 🙂
    Here’s what I did differently the second time around:
    Subbed canned pumpkin for banana, used half maple syrup for sugar, added cinnamon, subbed chopped dates for chocolate chips, used “flax eggs” instead of eggs, used coconut oil in place of butter. These are great too!

  14. Just made a batch of these and I LOVE them! So good! I left out the chocolate chips because I just don’t like chocolate and banana together. But that’s just me. I can’t wait to try other versions. Thanks so much for the recipe!


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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.