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Blueberry Pound Cake

If you have read my blog long you know that I love Martha Stewart’s recipes and cookbooks. My husband’s office gets Martha Stewart’s magazine for the waiting room. I get the privilege of looking through it before we set it out and once in a while an issue is so good it never makes it to the office.

That is what happened with the July 2009 issue. It had some great recipes in it. My favorite recipe was for a pound cake. Not only was it a pound cake, but it had ten different variations. All of which looked good. The main recipe is just a basic and classic recipe for pound cake. I calls for a pound of butter, etc.

I recently had quite a few blueberries, so the blueberry version of the pound cake caught my attention. When I was talking to my sister, she told me she tried the blueberry version and it was very good. So I knew I should give it a try. It uses the basic recipe, but uses some sour cream in place of some of the butter and it has blueberries folded in.

This recipe is really good. I served it with some whipped cream, but my sister said she made a blueberry sauce that she served it with. That sounded good, but I did not have enough blueberries so I served it with just whipping cream.

This makes two loaves. We ate one and I froze the other. This is not a healthy dessert, but it is really good. And I will be sure to post about the different versions of this cake that I try.

If you have some extra blueberries or just love blueberries, you should give this a try.

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  1. Great recipe, always need a new recipe for blueberries and with pound cake even better. Thanks!!! Hope you have the time to visit my blog. Geri

  2. I have blueberries in the refrigerator right now waiting for a recipe just like this!

  3. ooooooo!!! blueberries are just getting in season here! I have about 8 cups in the freezer to use for muffins and other recipes! I think this is going to be one of the “other recipes” I do!! 🙂

    This looks really yummy!!(and fattening! LOL!) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Yum. Looks great.I am glad you joined us for TMTT this week.

  5. This looks luscious! Blueberries are in season here and I’m planning on picking up a flat of them this week. I definitely want to try this.

  6. This looks delicious! can’t wait to try it! our BB’s aren’t doing good this year so we’re going to a BB farm this weekend where you pick your own LOL

  7. That looks delicious! I think it would also be great with some lemon zest/juice added, too. Lemon & blueberry make a great combo.

  8. I made this tonight for a church dinner and for breakfast tomorrow and it turned out wonderful. It is not a sweet bread but a great cake-like consistency bread. My husband wants frosting on his (what a man!LOL) so tomorrow I plan on making some kind of blueberry frosting for him. I will be making this again, super easy!

    Thank you for this site, I LOVE IT!!!


  9. Hi, can I ask what “a stick of butter” is measurement wise? Thanks

    • @Lynn, I am sorry about that. I fixed the recipe. I stick of butter is 1/2 cup. So 3 sticks would be 1 1/2 cups. Yes, a lot of butter. 🙂 I guess that is what makes pound cake good. 🙂

  10. Does it really take 9 eggs for this recipe Blueberry Pound Cake or is that a mis-print? Just wondered. Sounds good & easy to make . Thanks, Joyce

  11. Also forgot to ask is it unsalted butter or salted?


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