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The Books I Read In 2014


This post is totally different than my normal food and recipe type post. This is more a keeping it real post, but I hope some of you enjoy it.

Last year, ok it sounds really odd to be saying last year when last year was just yesterday……but last year I started a page on my site listing the books I had read in 2014. I updated the list for several months and then stopped updating it in the fall.

I had not planned on finishing the page, but my husband encouraged me to add the remaining books that I had read to the list and to do a blog post on it. I knew he was right and that I should finish the list and do a post. So here I am writing this post as my first post of the new year.

In 2014, I read 41 books. That seems like a lot to me. I love to read and read quite a bit each year, but this is the first year that I have kept track of all the books that I have read. I know there have been years that I read a lot, so I am not sure that 41 books is the most books I have read in a year, but I am guessing that it a little more than I read during most years.

I have always liked to read. As a kid you would often find me in my room or in front of the fireplace with a book. That love of reading as followed me into my adult years. I really do love to read.

One of the reasons that I did not want to finish my list is that I did not want some of you to feel bad that you did not accomplish what I did when it comes to reading. I read a lot of books. Not everyone can do that. I know that. Some people read more than I do. Others read less. Many years I have only read 10 books. Some years probably even less.

This year I made reading more a goal for my kids and I, and we made it a priority. I hope I can keep up my pace for 2015, but I may not. So, when you look at my list, please don’t be discouraged that you only read a few books. I want to encourage you to read what you can, not to keep up with me.


Another reason I was hesitant to finish my list is that I know many of the books I read are not the type of books that many of you read. I don’t read a lot of fiction. I don’t have a problem with fiction books. My kids read a lot of fiction. And I have gone through stages of life where I read a lot of it.

This year I did read a few fun fiction books. The week of Thanksgiving, I read 4 Janette Oke books. Those are pretty mindless fiction type books, and I enjoyed reading them. Once or twice a year I tend to need some relaxing, more fun reading. This year it happened in November and after I read those 4 books in one week I realized that I probably need to do that more often. But besides that I am not much of a fiction reader.

Over the last 10 or so years I have really found myself enjoying much less fiction and more real life type books. I love history, biographies, how to books, and books that share a real life story. I like books that really teach me something.

I know that is not everyone’s goal with reading, but it is mine. I prefer to read books where I learn something.

I have also taken quite a bit of criticism over the years about certain books that I have read. I have actually gotten to where I don’t recommend a ton of books to others. And it is the main reason I have not reviewed the books I have read here on my site.

I have heard people say that if they find 3 things in a book that they disagree with they will not finish the book. That is not me. That is not at all how I judge a book. I find I can learn things even from people I disagree with.

Now that is not saying that I finish every single book that I start, but just because I don’t agree with a book and author does not mean that I won’t finish it.

I want the books I read to challenge me. I want them to make me think. And I want them to teach me something. I don’t have to agree 100% with a book for it to do that. In fact, many of the books that challenge me most, and make me think, are the ones I don’t agree with.


An example of this would be the Duck Dynasty books that I have read. I have read almost ever book that the Robertsons have written.

Many people that know me, both in real life and online, might wonder why in the world I read those books. The answer to that is simple. I enjoy reading real life inspiring stories.

I don’t agree with everything the Roberstons do or believe. In fact, there is a lot that I would probably disagree with, but I find their story inspiring.

They are a family that went from poverty to wealth. It is a rags to riches story of sorts. But this rags to riches story is pretty amazing. It was not an overnight success. They built a business not on luck, but with hard work and faith. The entire family worked for what they now have and they did it while staying true to their faith and what they believe.

I don’t have to agree with them 100% to learn something from their story and to be encouraged by it. I think there is something that we can all learn in their story.

This is often how I choose a book. Not because I will agree with 100% of it, but because it will make me think and will teach me something.

One last reason that I was hesitant to share my list is that I have realized that the books you read often share where you are in life and what you are going through. One look at some of the titles of the books I read and you might guess that I have been working through some tough issues this year. Really the last few years.

The thing about online life is that you only see a picture of what the blogger or site owner wants you to see. You don’t see the behind the scenes or the real life behind the computer. You don’t see the whole picture of where we have been and where we are going. You don’t see our past, our struggles, our whole life. You see what we let you see.

If you look at my list from this year you can probably tell a little of where I have been. It hasn’t been an easy year.

Some of the books, actually many of the books, on my list are deeper books. Books that many of you may not need to read. But I needed to read them, and I am glad I did.

There were several books on the list that I almost did not list, but my husband encouraged me to because  some of you might be struggling with some of the same issues. One of those books might be just the book you need to read. I hope my list of books helps those that need it.

I plan to keep updating the list with the books that I read in 2015. I probably won’t link to it often, but overall I enjoyed keeping a list and want to continue it. I like being able to look back and see what I accomplished and wish I started keeping track of the books I read before now. I know if I list them online I will actually keep track of what I have read.

Here is my list of BOOKS I READ IN 2014

What do you think? Do you like that list of what I am reading? And I would love to hear some of the books you have read this year. Do you have a favorite book you read in 2014? 

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  1. Deena Caunt says

    A Brief History of Mine by Stephen Hawking was very good, as was The Black Hole Wars by Leonard Susskind. I really enjoyed the Selfish Gene and The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins – I realise from your list that you would probably enjoy the last, any more than I would really want to read your christian books. Do you not read much fiction?

    • I read some fiction, but not a lot. Or at least not a lot right now. I used to read a lot more and I am sure at some point I will go through a stage where I enjoy fiction more again, but the last few years I have only read a few fiction books each year. It really varies for me what I read.

      • Deena Caunt says

        I have runs on types of book too. This is my science phase, prior to this it was history. If you have to be obsessing it’s nice to be varied!

  2. Bob Simmons says

    I just want to say that when I subscribed to your blog I was impressed by your efforts. However, being an avid reader myself I appreciate your accomplishments as a reader and I also read only for the possibility of learning something. No fiction for me either. It is apparent that you and I have some other things in common. We lived in Henryetta, Oklahoma back in the late 40’s. when I was a kid, now 77 years old. I enjoyed living there and being from Texas I had not experienced the snow we had there so my sister and I had some new experiences.
    All of that as an introduction for the good that you do but now for the negative. Your personal experiences aside, it is of no interest to me as displayed in todays letter. Please my dear lady, stay with the cooking and sharing your kitchen knowhow. Just my opinion and of course I am only one person. Others may enjoy hearing about your interests but not me. Thank you for your consideration and I hope you have a spectacular year in 1915. May the Lord continue to bless you and yours. Bob Simmons

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I don’t know what readers think unless they share what they like and don’t like. I don’t do posts like these often and I thought with it being the end of the year and the begging of a new one it was a good time for a post like this. I will be back to food and recipes tomorrow with a new recipe post. Happy New Year! And thanks for reading!

      • I completely disagree with Bob and hope you keep doing posts like these! I have used many of your recipes and will use your book list, too! Thanks for keeping it real and not being a one-trick pony. =)

        • Thanks! I really appreciate it. I plan to do at least an occasional post like this. I think readers do like these kinds of posts because they do keep it real.

  3. Jennifer D. says

    Thanks for sharing your list. Many of these books I have read or have purchased to read. I do read more fiction, but enjoy most of these books you have listed. I enjoyed your post. I always enjoy your keeping it real posts. Just something a little different every now and then! Thanks for posting!!

  4. thank you for sharing this with us! i read a lot of fiction and would like to read some deeper stuff this year. i will be adding some of the books from your list to my to-read list on goodreads.

  5. sondra spencer says

    I enjoyed seeing your list of books. I love to read nonfiction, though I do read some fiction. I enjoy your blog, especially the recipes, but don’t mind at all your taking some time to share other things in it. It is yours to do with as you wish, and I do hope the best for you in 2015!

  6. I love to see what others are reading and I enjoyed the post, as I do with others where you share snippets of your life. If others don’t care for those posts, they should just skip past those. Thanks for all that you do – it is much appreciated! May 2015 be a good year for you.

  7. I enjoyed your list! Bonhoeffer and Loving the Way Jesus Loves are on my book list this year (among many others). Thoroughly enjoy your site! Happy New Year!

    • I enjoyed both of those books. Bonhoeffer was one of the best books I have read this year and it is one of the best biographies I have read in a long time. I really enjoyed it. The first half is a lot of facts that took me longer to read, but I read the second half of the book in like 2 days because I could not put it down. I hope you enjoy them too!

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