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The View From My House After the Oklahoma Blizzard Of 2011

If you watch any news at all, or follow me on Facebook, then you probably know that a good portion of the US, including Oklahoma, was hit by a major winter storm this week. Oklahoma has had record snowfall, record low temperatures, and a blizzard. And as I type this today it is snowing again. I thought I would do a non food post today […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

The View From My Window

This Spring we have had rabbits living under our deck. We see them coming and going but they always hurry away when the see us. This afternoon my daughter noticed this out the window. The rabbit had come right up next to the house. It was looking right at us. I ran to get the camera but was only able to get this one picture […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

The View From My Kitchen Sink

I was cleaning up the kitchen and doing dishes this afternoon when I began to think how the Lord has blessed me with this view. I love living in the country. I get to look at this every day as I do dishes. When I first moved to this house I was so thrilled with the view. I even thought I wouldn’t mind doing dishes […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures