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The View From My House After the Oklahoma Blizzard Of 2011

If you watch any news at all, or follow me on Facebook, then you probably know that a good portion of the US, including Oklahoma, was hit by a major winter storm this week. Oklahoma has had record snowfall, record low temperatures, and a blizzard.

And as I type this today it is snowing again.

I thought I would do a non food post today and share a few pictures of what it has looked like at my house the last few days.

This is the view from my kitchen sink. The snow has created a beautiful view to look at while I work in the kitchen.

Somewhere in this picture is our driveway. Thankfully my husband found it and made his way out in his 4WD truck this morning.

Now, I will go back to drinking my cup of hot chocolate, while I look out the window, and be thankful that I have no where I need to go. I am quite happy staying at home and not venturing out in the snow and cold.

What is the weather like where you are?

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  1. We are stuck at home today in the Houston area because of an ice storm. Weather forecasts predicted snow but it was a no-go, much to the disappointment of the kids. We’re making the most of being stuck at home (roads are too icy to drive on, school is cancelled) and have already made homemade donuts for breakfast and plan to make some cookies later. They will go well with the movie marathon later today! Stay warm!

  2. Today it is sunny, not snowing, AND above zero for the first time in what seems like forever! We are far north enough that the big storm missed us, but we do have anywhere between 18-24 inches of snow on the ground right now. Continuing to pray for the safety of all who were affected by this storm…

  3. It’s 60 degrees and sunny here in So. Cal…I hope everyone affected by the storm is staying warm! Those sure are beautiful pictures.

  4. We got about a foot of snow over the course of two days…on top of the 2-3 feet we already had. It has been in the negative or single digit temperatures for about two weeks now. I don’t recommend moving to NW Iowa if you hate snow and cold!

  5. What beautiful shots!!! Enjoy the beauty!

  6. It is pretty, though, isn’t it? And, oh how much quieter it is after it snows (which is probably more noticeable when you live less than 2 miles from Philadelphia than it might be where you live).

  7. Your pictures look like some I might of taken. I live in western NY where we get a ton of snow a year. It is beautiful but I agree with you and always stay in doors. I hope you are all safe.

  8. Nebraska here. We get to “enjoy” that kind of view all winter long. 😉 For once, we missed the big storm but have a good deal of snow on the ground right now. This week it finally stayed above 0…was even 40 yesterday! They did cancel school here Tuesday but that was less to do with actual snow as much as the -35 windchill and high winds. Stay warm everyone!

  9. I am in Phoenix AZ ; last week we had freeze warnings at night and about 40 degrees during the day.You may have seen the news about the WM Golf Tourney postponed because of frost. All the plants and trees that are not indigenous to the desert have turned brown. They can be covered and sometimes it helps. But,our beautiful Sisoo tree has turned brown overnight; hopefully it will come back. Week of 2/7 we are suppose to get warmer temps in the 70’s. Stay warm and safe all you Sooners and the rest of the country that has been hit with very cold weather!

  10. I hope you brought your dog in from the cold after that pic!!

  11. ernest hyslope says

    great pitures , finally thawin a lil here in northeast okla 22 inches of snow

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.