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Emeril’s Caesar Salad Dressing {Cooking Trough My Collection}

After taking a few weeks off from my Cooking Through My Collection series I finally have a new recipe for you today.

Today’s recipe comes from Emeril 20-40-60: Fresh Food Fast cookbook. I have several of Emeril’s cookbooks, but Emeril 20-40-60: Fresh Food Fast
Cookbook is my favorite. It contains practical everyday type recipes using mainly everyday ingredients.

This cookbook is one that I love having in my collection. The recipes are set up by the amount of time they take to make, so the whole cookbook contains recipes that can be made in under one hour. And we all love quick and easy recipes.

Every recipe that I have tried from this cookbook has turned out great and you cannot say that about very many cookbooks.

Today’s recipe is definitely a quick and easy recipe. It is for Caesar Salad Dressing. I did make a few changes to today’s recipe though.

I left out the egg. I am a bit leery of eating raw from the store eggs. Farm fresh eggs are a different story, but eggs from the store raw, no thanks. I would have used egg beaters or a pasteurized product like that, but I did not have any on hand, so I just left it out.

And really we thought it was fine without it. I think it might have had a creamier thicker texture with the eggs, but it worked without them.

Being a caesar salad this recipe called for canned anchovies. However when it comes to anchovies I have a secret. I use anchovy paste. I buy it from a more gourmet type grocery store in my area, but you can also find it online. I find it much easier to use than canned anchovies.

Have any of you ever tried the anchovy paste before?

This is one of those salads that you can really change up. Add croutons and chicken and you have and easy main dish meal. Seafood or salmon would be delicious added to this, but it is also good served just as a side salad. Anyway you make this though it is really good!


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  1. Catherine says

    This sounds fantastic. I love adding healthy dressing recipes to my list so that I don’t have to buy the ones in the store with all the fake ingredients. Great tip with the anchovy paste! I will have to try that.

  2. I make all my own dressings and I make a faux caesar dressing using a tbsp of mayo instead of the egg. I have always gone without the anchovies but will have to look into paste! Delicious with kale as a base;)

  3. i love the idea of anchovy paste. after eating anchovies for breakfast with my host family while studying abroad in college, i don’t think i can ever open another can of them again. but paste i can do!

  4. I have used both the whole anchovies and the paste for Caesar Salad Dressing and I think the paste is way more convenient, but the whole anchovies taste a bit better. Both are easy to find at my local grocery stores.

  5. My sister has recommended the paste (tomato paste in the tube too). I’ve been buying more canned fish of different types, so I’m not sure that using up the extra fish would be difficult in my house anymore or if it would be any more convenient (we’ve really been working on increasing our fish consumption).
    Anyway, looking at the recipe it’s quite different from when I once had Ceasar salad prepared table-side at a fancy restaurant. Emeril definitely quicked it up a notch with mustard and Tobasco. As I recall, the tableside prep only used the egg yolk, not the whole egg (similar to making mayonaise).

    • I have used the tomato paste in a tube and really liked it. And yes Emeril kicked this one up a notch and it gives it a nice and usual twist. We really enjoyed it.

  6. I also use anchovie paste and omit the raw egg. Gack!

  7. This looks like a great recipe–I will have to give it a try as I love Caesar salad! I find the anchovy paste in my local grocery store–it is near the other canned fish, usually on the top shelf so you may have to look extra for it. I make a marinated Caesar chicken for my freezer sometimes and one time I was making it for my freezer exchange group. I bought about 5 tubes at one time and I’m sure the clerk who rang up my groceries was probably wondering what in the world I was going to do with all that anchovy paste!

  8. barb seller says

    When it comes to using an egg yolk I like Martha Stewart’s recommendation of substituting mayonnaise. I use the same amount as the size of the yolk and it works out very well. Today I’m going to try anchovy paste for the first time
    so I’m hoping for a good result. Gotta love the Caesar Salad!

  9. Coddle your egg if your that squeamish. Makes a difference in taste and texture.

  10. Does the recipe call for a whole egg or just the egg yolk? Thanks.

  11. Don’t you have your own chickens on 43 acres? Raw egg yolk is a must have item in Caesar salad! Try it! Avoid using eggs from factory farming and use fresh eggs from your own chickens and you will have no problems.

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.