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Five Things I am Loving {June}

Kitchen Counter Cooking School

There are some affiliate links in the post and I get a small percent if you order through that link, but besides that I am not getting anything from this post. I am simply sharing products that I am currently using and loving!

Kitchen Counter Cooking School

I read quite a few books while I was on vacation recently. One of the books I read was Kitchen Counter Cooking School. It has been in my to read pile for awhile, so I was glad to finally get it read. I LOVED this book.

If you love cooking or want to learn to love cooking, I highly recommend this book. I plan to do a full review type post on it soon, but since I loved it so much I knew I had to include it in my Things I am Loving post.

There is one chapter in this book that I did not love. It was not necessary to the book and I felt it kind of took away from the book. It was the Class Break Chapter. I plan to have my girls read this book, but I will probably have them totally skip that chapter. Besides that I loved the book and highly recommend it.

Passion Tea Lemonade

When I was in Oregon I got to spend two days with my best friend from growing up. We have known each other since we were two years old and have pretty much been best friends ever since. The days we spent together were fun shopping, go out to lunch, catch up on each other’s lives type of days. It was wonderful.

My friend loves coffee. Me not so much. So when we went to Starbucks and I explained that I pretty much only liked the hot chocolate and Vanilla Bean Latte, she started making suggestions of things I should try. I replied but I don’t like coffee and tea. She convinced me to try the Passion Tea Lemonade because according to her and the Starbucks employee that helped us, it does not taste like tea.

And I now have a new favorite Starbucks drink!

Not that I really needed one, but I am glad I have at least one more thing to order. Because really it does not taste like tea. It is a fruity lemonade type drink that is delicious. It is a bit expensive though, so I am on a mission to start making my own using Tazo Passion Tea. I like the idea of the tea bags because it is cheaper, but then I found this at Costco last week.


Currently I am mixing this with lemonade and it is delicious! I don’t think it is quite as sweet as the Starbucks in store version, but it is still good.

Summer Salads

I think my family might just get tired of salad this summer. We have been eating it a couple of times a week. It is a quick, easy, and healthy dinner. I have been coming up with some new combinations and homemade dressings that I hope to share soon.


Chocolate Covered Mangoes from Costco

These chocolate covered mangoes are so good! They are my new favorite Costco find. I know the combination sounds a little strange, but it is delicious. And since they are mangoes they are healthy right…

Gluten Free Newsletter

I am so excited about my gluten free newsletter and a few gluten free projects I am working on. The projects are taking a little longer than I had planned, but I can’t wait to share them. One of them involves a free ebook that I will be sharing soon, so if you are gluten free or know someone that is, be sure to sign up for my gluten free newsletter to stay updated on all things gluten free.

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  1. I recently read that book and loved it as well…so much that I need to purchase it so I have the recipes handy. She really re energized me to cook on those days I am stuck for what to make. I made her Alfredo sauce one night and the no knead bread. I love the idea of keeping the dough in the fridge but no idea what I would use to store it in. It would be a great bridal shower gift along with some knives and other little goodies like a nice salt, a jar for dressing, etc. Could be a fun take off for a great gift!

    I bought that tea and made iced tea with it but it didn’t thrill me – I am going to mix with lemonade and see if that does the trick! I never buy anything for myself at Starbucks for the same reason as you, so perhaps I will give it a try.

    • I read it on vacation and have not had time to try any of the actual recipes, but I have several marked to try. I love the idea of giving it as a gift. It would make a great gift or as part of a gift basket type of thing.

      And yes try the tea with lemonade and lots of ice. I mix it about half tea and half lemonade and love it!

  2. Many years ago the Starbucks barista talked me into trying iced Passion tea. I’ve been making my own from tea bags ever since. It’s delicious! My preference is for unsweetened drinks, but I might try adding some lemon to my plain old unsweetened Passion.

  3. My daughter with celiac was excited when we saw the Tazo tea at Costco, but when I contacted them about gluten ingredients they wouldn’t tell me for sure that it was safe. I know they don’t test, so I asked about the “natural tropical flavors”. I was told it is proprietary and not something they reveal. I’m not looking for secrets, just safe options for my daughter.

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.