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Freezer Containers {Ask the Readers}

I am looking for some new freezer/fridge containers. The kind that can go from the fridge/freezer to the microwave/oven. I am looker for the smaller one or two serving size type ones that work great for leftovers.

I have some large pyrex ones that have lids and I love them, but since they are large I use them for more dinner type freezer meals. So, I am looking for something a little smaller more lunchbox size that would work well for my husband’s lunches or that I could use for my breakfast bowls.

Most of my smaller ones are ones that I have had for years and over time they have either gotten broken, lost the lids, or are plastic and have just not held up well.

Years ago I bought some Tupperware ones that I loved, but they no longer have them.

So, before I invest in anything new, I thought I would ask all of you.

Do you have a favorite container to use for freezer cooking and lunchbox type meals? What brands and types have you had that have held up well? 

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    I use a rubbermaid dish that is very similar to the one I’ve linked above. Mine is actually a bit thicker, and has blue trim on the lid.

    Every night at dinner, before anyone has seconds, I scoop a serving of dinner into this dish – veg on one side, main dish on the other – and stick it in the fridge. We have three of them, so if there is extra, I might make a second lunch and put it in the freezer, so my husband still has a lunch to take, even if one night there aren’t left-overs.

    This system works so well for us. There’s practically no additional work – no more dreaded “packing a lunch” for him. I HATE making sandwiches and bagged lunches, and he far prefers getting these lunches of homemade, “read” food. Plus, the cost is minimal – I just make sure to save his lunch before anyone has seconds, so there’s no cost added, like there would be if I was buying additional things (lunch meat, sliced bread, chips, etc) for packing a bagged lunch.

    We call the meals I pack into these divided containers “home made tv dinners” — works great!

  2. HI, I use the Pyrex small round glassware with pc-covers. The smallest ones I have are 1 cup each. They sell them in packages of 3 or 4, each one bigger than the other. They often go on sale at Wal-Mart or Canadian Tire. The lock-N-lock’s are also made in glass now and come in all sizes. Perfect for leftovers to bring for lunch. 🙂

    • I love the larger pyrex containers that I have in the larger sizes, so I will have to look for the smaller ones.

    • I like those too. I got a set for a wedding gift 5 1/2 years ago. The lids have stood up well to being vented in the microwave. They are heavy for “lunchbox” use, but the variety of sizes is great for leftovers and planned lunches. I have also used the larger one (7-cup I think) to halve (or more) cake recipes for our small family. Being plain glass, they are also nice enough looking to use as serving pieces right on the table, unlike some plastic ware.

  3. Personally, I love canning jars. Wide mouth canning jars. It sounds like you need a pint wide mouth jar. Half-pint wide mouth jars work well too. I use those for some single server pies. I keep them frozen until ready to bake, then pop them in the oven. (only thing, don’t put in preheated oven, just put them in the oven THEN heat. *L*

  4. Hi Lynn,

    My absolute favourite container for everything is Wean Green! They come in various sizes and colours and go from freezer to fridge to microwave to dishwasher (they are not for use in the oven). I use them for my breakfast and lunch all the time; they are great for leftovers too! They are really meant for kids but I love them!!! And my husband and kids use them too!!!


    These are Pyrex containers with microwave safe lids that vent. We use them every single day. They are expensive on Amazon, but we bought our set at Target for $18. Can’t say enough great things about them!

  6. Lynn,
    If you already love Pyrex and now you know you can find smaller ones you might have already got your question answered. All the same, the ones I like are called Snapware. I had coupons for them last year and I really like them. They come in all sizes and go from every condition to the next. They “snap” on all four sides, hence, snapware : )

    Hope you like what you buy,

  7. I bought some of the Ziploc bowls that have blue twist-on lids. I use them for your breakfast bowls! My husband has Celiac so that kind of breakfast works great for him. I take them out of the freezer, put them in the mic on defrost and then warm them from there. They’re plastic, so no oven use, but they were inexpensive and that’s perfect for something my husband is taking in his lunch box!

  8. I echo the canning jars! Absolutely no spills…ever and no plastic to concern about being heated.

  9. My husband enjoys bringing leftovers to work & reheating in the microwave vs. a cold sandwich. However, we didn’t have glassware small enough for him to pop into the microwave. It was then that my hubby had the idea of repurposing glass jars for his portions. He says that the smaller wide-mouth salsa jars (like Tostitos brand) work best. 🙂

  10. i personally really like snapware airtight food storage. right now i would love to invest in alot of glass storage, but since i’m in grad school it’s just not in our budget. but i have found that snapware holds up longer & is BPA free so i do feel better about using it for food storage. we got a set at costco a few years ago for a good price.

  11. Linda Hayes says

    I haven’t used much glass in the freezer because I was afraid of breakage (i.e. me dropping something on a concrete floor). I am looking for something stackable with lids that don’t pop off. The ones described by your readers are exactly what I need. Thanks

  12. I have recently discovered Ball Plastic Freezer Jars. They are just like the Ball brand canning jars except they are plastic with screw on lids. They come in 8oz and 16 oz.
    They are perfect for freezer snacks, dry snacks, frig items, soup and all kinds of things.
    You can check them out on Amazon.

    OR Walmart carries them with the Ball canning supplies for $3, you get 4 or 5 containers with lids. (Cheaper than Amazon)
    I wrote a posting about them with pics.

    • I love those for freezing things also, but have been afraid to use them in the mircowave. Do you microwave food in them and have they held up well for that?

  13. Sweet Jeanette says

    My absolute favorite is Lock n Lock. I ordered my first set from QVC…and subsequent (many) other sets, but I found some at J.C. Penneys on sale too. I liked them so much I gave away all my Tupperware and replaced with lock n locks! The seal is fantastic. You can even submerge us water and there is no leakage! I love mine.

  14. I also use the smaller Pyrex ones. They fit right into hubby’s lunch box.

  15. I have a set of Pyrex glass containers w/ plastic lids that I use for all my leftovers. Don’t routinely put them in the freezer b/c they seem to take up more space and am also worried about breakage like was mentioned before.

    This is the set I have but I got mine at Sam’s Club a couple of years ago. Have also seen them at Kohl’s every so often–seems to be a seasonal item for them.

    I have a bunch of Tupperware that I use for freezing most things (used to sell it so stocked up on a couple of sets when they were making the freezer storage containers). Love some of these additional suggestions from other readers too!

  16. I have been using these for a few years now. I just wash them and use them over and over again there is small and large. Just so you know in case you order them you have to order lids as well but its a great deal! I have rarely had to throw one out yet.

  17. Brandette says

    I just recently replaced all of our plastic ones with the Pyrex round glass bowls and Pyrex No-Leak lids. I have both the 1 cup and 2 cup sizes, 6 of each. I LOVE THEM and opposite of the plastic ones, these will last forever and never get stained since they are glass! The leakproof lids really do work, I even send soup with my husband for lunch sometimes with no problems. Just pull up the top vent and microwave away! Also, these can go into the oven as well, I use the 2 cup size for things like custards and puddings.

    I bought mine directly from Pyrex online since it was way cheaper than any stores around me and I could get 6 of each in exactly what I wanted. Here is the website I ordered from:

    • Thank you for the link. Those look like something that would work well for what I need. I have not seen those in the stores near me, so I may have order some online to try. Thanks!

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