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Teaching Your Kids How To Cook

Today’s Subject for 10 Days of Gluten Free is teaching your kids how to cook. I love this subject and think it is so important that I even wrote an ebook about it.

When you are dealing with gluten free eating, or really any food allergy or issue, you realize how important the skill of cooking is.

Most gluten free people cook the majority of their meals and food at home. Eating out is often difficult and risky. And although there is now quite a bit of gluten free packaged food available is it often hard to find or expensive. There are also some things that you just can’t find.

If you are like me you cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner for yourself and your family everyday. That is 21 meals a week, plus snacks, desserts, etc.

Cooking at home is a way of life for those that eat gluten free, which means cooking is an important skill to know. And if your child is gluten free it is a valuable skill to teach them.

They will need to know how to cook when they are out on their own and navigating the gluten free world on their own. Take the time to teach them how to cook when they are young.

Start simple and work to harder things, but teach them how to cook.

My girls started by learning to make simple things and we have slowly worked our way up to harder things. Both my girls now know how to make homemade pudding on their own. We are slowly adding things like gluten free brownies and baked goods.

My tip for today is simply to take the time to teach your gluten free kids how to cook. It is a skill they will be very grateful to know. 


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  1. I agree taking the time to teach the kids in your life to cook is really important. And I don’t think it really has to be a formal lesson; just being in the kitchen and helping prepare meals is a great way to spend time together and make some memories.

  2. Sandra Simkins says

    I have taught all five of my kids to cook. Especially my youngest who has multiple food allergies and is just gone off to college. It is a life skill!
    We do bi- weekly recipe hunts to spice up her college food menu and she shares her baking skills to make other people happy.

  3. Step 1. Pouring your own cereal.
    Step 2. Filet Mignon and dishes. 🙂

  4. Bonnie B says

    My daughters learned to cook when younger so now they are learning to cook gf and df which is important since they are facing college.

  5. It’s amazing to me how many of the adults I know don’t know how to cook. I don’t want my child to be one of them.

  6. i agree kids need to be taught how to cook. I taught all 3 of mine, including the son. He really enjoys it yet to this day.

  7. Jessica B says

    I don’t have any children yet but I’m sure it will be a challenge some day.

  8. My son loves to cook with me. I know it’s a valuable tool for his independence!

  9. I am always trying to involve my boys in my cooking. I want them to be prepared to be on their own someday.

  10. Angel R. says

    I try to involve my son in cooking but he is rarely nterested. At 4 years old, his attention span isn’t that long. I do what I can with him. He likes to help me measure things. I am not much of a cook but I am trying!

  11. My gluten-free boy is 30, but we still have fun cooking together!

  12. One of the first things my niece learned to make was spring rolls!

  13. Great advice! Also teach them how to do laundry and balance a checkbook.

  14. Cindy W. says

    Important advice.

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.