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Gluten Free Sausage Gravy

My family loves biscuits and gravy. They have missed them since I went gluten free.

Honestly, I can do without them. I will eat them, and I made them because my family loves them, but they are certainly not on my top list of things I miss.

However, since my family has told me several times in the last few months how much they missed biscuits and gravy, I decided to tackle a gluten free version.

I had not tried to tackle a gluten free version because I have had trouble coming up with a gluten free white sauce or gravy that I was happy with. I know many people just use cornstarch in place of the flour. I had tried that and was not happy with the results. I love cornstarch for things like pudding, but for sauces and gravies I have not been happy with cornstarch.

The main reason is that many times I end up needing to reheat items like gravy or white sauce. I find that cornstarch based sauces do not reheat well. The texture just does not come back together right. So, I got discouraged and kind of gave up for a while on finding one.

However, I recently purchased several gluten free books by Annalise Roberts. In one of her books she mentions using potato starch in white sauces. I immediately knew this was worthy trying.

She did not have a sausage gravy recipe in her book, so I decided to adapt my favorite sausage gravy recipe, using the basic ratios that her sauces used.

My family was so excited that this worked. The gravy turned out well. Even the leftover gravy reheated the next day.

Now, if I can just figure out how to get a light and fluffy gluten free biscuit to go with the gravy.

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  1. Alright! I’ve been looking for a yummy sausage gravy recipe for awhile now, I will definitely be giving this one a try!

    BTW, General Mills’ new Gluten Free Bisquick makes AMAZING biscuits! 😀

    Looking forward to checking out the rest of your blog…I went gluten free the exact same time you did, here’s to going on a year of gluten free!

  2. thanks soooooooo much. Just finished dinner, fantastic. it has been hard since my wife went GF. sites like this make life a little more enjoyable.
    The Spoiled Cat

    • I am so glad that you liked it!! Thank you so much for letting me know. I know the challenges of gluten free and how hard it can be, so I am so glad that you found my recipe helpful.

  3. This turned out amazing! I told my husband afterwards that it was the best GF adaptation I have made yet! Thanks so much for the great recipe!

    • Also meant to note that we ate it over Pamela’s Drop Style Biscuits, which are my favorite! I love the new GF Bisquick but I still prefer Pamela’s for my biscuits!

      • lisa truitt says

        Here is a make your own gf bisquick recipe i found online. Very simple very good and cheaper than premade. Ive only made pancakes so far which my family love. i have a nutrimill so i grind my own rice flour. i am looking forward to trying the gf recipes at bisquicks website. i would think that this mix might work for gravy as it is half potato starch half rice flour with guar or xanthan gum. it does have baking powder though so dont know what that would do. it might make puffy bubbly gravy! i make a chicken pot pie gravy that is incredible that is 1 cup flour to 1 cup butter cook flour in melted butter til golden then add a quart approx of chic broth a shot of cream salt pepper and garlic powder. I would like to recreate this gf.

        1 1/2 c rice flour
        1 1/2 c potato starch
        3 tbsp granular sweetener of choice
        2 tbsp aluminum free baking powder
        1 tsp salt
        1-1 &1/2 tsp guar or xanthan gum

        • I have a homemade gf biscuit mix recipe I love too. It is a little different than that one, but we love it. And I share a very good chicken pot pie in the ebook using the mix I use. It was one of those recipes I really missed and was determined to figure out. I have found that not all the bisquick recipes convert exactly over to gluten free. Often they need some tweaking. Here is some info on my other site about the mix and ebook in case you are interested.

    • I am so glad that you liked this. That is my goal with my site, I want to create family favorites that are as close to what we are used to that I can. Thank you so much for letting me know.

  4. Anne @ Quick and Easy Cheap and Healthy says

    I am going to try this tonight and make it dairy-free and hope it works! Potato starch is a good idea; do you use it in other white sauces as well?

    I’m not sure if you’ve already found a good biscuit recipe, but I worked on a good allergen-free biscuit for a loooonnnggg time and found that a chickpea flour blend worked best, and that shortening was an absolute must. I posted it on my allergen-free blog:

    You can make it without the sweet potato (might need to add more liquid; and you can use cow’s milk instead of the coconut).

    • I hope you enjoy it. I have used potato starch in some white sauces and it usually works well. I do have a gluten free angel biscuit that we really like and it is easy to make. My husband does not like the chickpea or bean flours, so I have not done much with them.

  5. I just tryed this recipe and it didnt turn out at all. My potato start clotted all up and there was no grease left in the pan. Ive always has trouble with making gravy. same problem. I can never get a smooth gravy its always clumpy. What am I doing wrong??? Im trying it again and Im going to add more butter my sausage didnt make a whole lot of grease but then again im not sure how much I need. But I really really want gravy so I hope it turns out this time…..

    • Well, I will say that I have more trouble with gluten free gravy than I ever did before. I think it is just more difficult to get the right texture. I would try adding more grease/oil, it maybe that your sausage was really lean.. I would say bacon grease or butter. And make sure that you are stirring the whole and add the liquid slowly while stirring it in. I hope that helps.

      • lisa truitt says

        if you get lumps just fix it with . a stick blender. i dont normally have a problem with lumpy gravy but a few times that happened but the stick blender fixed it.

  6. Gliten free homemaker has a recipe for rolls and biscuits that I really like.

  7. Gluten-Free Homemaker I am sorry for the typo.

  8. I just tried this gravy tonight and it was awesome!
    I subbed in sweet rice flour instead of potato starch, and used original flavor almond milk to make it dairy free. I used a turkey sausage, that I tossed a few sage leaves in while browning (removed when done). Also because the turkey sausage is lean, I went for a 1:1 ratio on the flour and butter (nucoa). Even my kids who can have dairy and wheat/gluten ate it with no complaints. Thanks for the awesome recipe!

  9. This is the best gravy that I’ve ever made… Even when I made gluten gravy it never turned out this smooth! I made it dairy free with plain soy. Yum! Thank you so much!

    • Thank you! I am glad that you enjoyed it and that it worked dairy free. I think the potato starch really helps give it that smooth texture. Thanks for letting me know and thanks for reading!

  10. I made this tonight to go over biscuits and we really loved it. It thickened up better than my gravy did when I used wheat flour! Thanks so much!

    I also tried a biscuit recipe that I thought was really good and simple, too. Here’s a link if you’re interested:

    I just made drop biscuits instead of rolling them out. I also used a whole egg instead of 2 egg whites. Hope you like them!

  11. patty wagner says

    I am having such a bad time with all this gluten free things, noothing goes the way i plan, and i try and try but nothing. Is there a gluten free sausage gravy that you can buy alright made.

  12. I found this recipe when I clicked from your GF biscuit recipe. I found a recipe for a spice mix for breakfast sausage on Thrice the Spice that I use with ground pork. They say you can use it with other ground meats (venison, chicken, etc.). I like to use the mix because I then know for sure what is in it.

  13. Rachel Hurst says

    Regarding GF Bisquick biscuits. I gound them palpable, but not great. They had a strange bland flavor which i have come to associate with rice flour. I have solince tried adding a little cornstarvh a, salt, and sweetener. The constarch made a huge difference in the texture. No more sand!

  14. This recipe absolutely made me gleeful!! As a newly pregnant and starving, crazy-craving mama, this hit the spot! I’m also dairy free, so I subbed rice milk and skipped the butter and it was still great. oh, and these are the closest I’ve found to good biscuits: I didn’t think it tasted any different from gluten sausage gravy. thank you soooooo much!

  15. My husband is not a cook, but being pregnant, tired, and exhausted (I’m on baby #7), he took it upon himself to make the family breakfast. He’s always been a sweetheart like that! 🙂 He told me to print off a recipe for him, because, as always, he will follow them to a “T”. I chose yours for the gluten free aspect, as well as the simple, but thorough directions. We didn’t have any sausage in the house, so I told him to substitute the amount of grease the sausage would normally make by using a full stick of Organic Valley butter.

    To say the least, the end result was an amazing success!!! We had a very delicious breakfast of gluten free biscuits and gravy. I never had much success with corn starch in gravy, either, but the potato starch was fantastic and even better than white flour gravy. We were all asking for more gravy on top of our biscuits.

    Thank you so much, Lynn, for causing my husband to make an incredible breakfast this morning!! We are all full and very satisfied. 🙂

  16. You ever find a good biscuit recipe? Looking forward to trying your gravy with the biscuit in nicole hunn’s new book. Always seem to get discouraging results too.

  17. I just made this sausage gravy last night, and it was very easy and delicious! We converted it to Dairy Free by using Earth Balance Buttery Spread and Sweetened Vanilla Almond Milk. The end result was a little sweeter than other sausage gravy we’ve had, but I suspect that’s because of the milk so the next time I plan to try it with Rice Milk. Even with the sweeter flavor, it was still delicious though and my entire family immensely enjoyed this.

    P.S. I homeschool too 🙂

  18. Susan K Kment says

    This is delish! I am newly diagnosed celiac and love how potato starch worked. Much easier that wheat flour!

    Thanks for sharing…we had bacon gravy tonight and it was a big hit!

    • I am so glad that you enjoyed it! I love helping people make gluten free easy and delicious, so thank you for letting me know that you loved it.


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