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How Long Do Crock Pots Last? {Ask the Readers}

Ask The Readers

I love my Crock Pot and use it at least once a week. Sometimes I use it two or three times a week. I have several crock pots, but the one I use most is the 6 quart sized one. I am beginning to think though that crock pots don’t like me, because the last few I have had only lasted a couple of years.

The one that recently broke was less than two years old. I can’t believe it did not last longer than that. I bought a nice one thinking it would last longer. It didn’t. I think it is still under warranty and am going to try to get it replaced, but for now I went out and bought the cheapest 6 quart crock pot I could find.

Crock Pot

I love the digital read out ones, and the fact that they switch to warm when done cooking, but I went simple this time. I figured that if they are not going to last, I might as well go cheap and get a simple, basic, and inexpensive one.

Now for my Ask the Reader question.

What are your thoughts on Crock Pots? Do you have one you love? Or one that has lasted a long time? I would love to hear how long you have had yours? And is it just me or do they just not last as long as they used to? 


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  1. I have just a plain Crockpot, like the one in the picture. I love it and use it at least once a week, sometimes more depending on how busy of a week it is going to be. I’ve had my current one for 6 or 7 years and it still works great.

    • I am hoping that by going back to a simple one it will last as long as yours has. Sometimes I think simple is better and crock pots might be one of those times.

    • Agreed. I have the same in the picture. I used it often for the past 10 years.

  2. I’ve had at least 3-4 Crockpots by Rival that never died on me over the last 13 years, though I’ve given ones away as I upgraded. The 5 qt I use most frequently now is at least 6 years old and gets used a couple times a month. I also have a no-frills 3 qt slow cooker by Hamilton Beach that I use mostly for sauces that’s probably about 8 years old. The only related appliance that actually died on me was a Cuisinart multi-cook that was 6 or 7 qts and I used for both slowcooking and roasting. That guy didn’t last 2 years.

    • I am going to have to try Hamilton Beach if this one doesn’t last. Several readers have mentioned that they love theirs. I have never had one, but may give them a try next time. And I am glad to know on the Cuisinart one. I saw that one and thought it sounded great, but was expensive and I did not know if it was worth it. Sorry to hear yours did not last.

  3. Teresa Rouzer says:

    I have three crockpots, all, umm….vintage: the largest is 5-6 qts. (not sure of actual capacity) from the early 1970s which I use less frequently now that I mostly cook just for me; the medium crock is 3.5 qts from the mid 1980s and is still used often; the smallest is about 2-3 cups from the late 1980s and has not been used much at all. These were all Rival products and have always worked. I did have to replace the cover knob on the largest pot many years ago, I glued on a spare cabinet knob – works fine.

    In the past few years, I’ve heard/read time and again that the new pots cook to fast and overcook/burn foods. The government in its all powerful domain decided that the older crock pots were a health hazard…..bah! There are too many of us still alive and still using our older crock pots! Often on cooking forums the suggestion is made for the poster to look for an older model CP at thrift stores and yard sales. Test it with some water to see if it does indeed work before purchasing.

    All the programability, keep-warm settings, sleek designs, etc. of the newest pots are not worth a thing if they don’t work longer than a few weeks or months. My 2 largest pots have OFF, LOW, and HIGH settings – that’s it.

    • I may need to just find one used because I think you are right, the older ones lasted a lot longer! I am hoping by going back to a simple one it will last me longer, but we will see if it does.

      • I just happened upon this forum. I’ve had a crock pot sitting around for the last few years handed down to me by my Mother. I’ve never actually used it – but I intend to at one point. This thing has got to be about 30 years old,-actually it says patented 1976 on the bottom – I’m wondering how safe that would be to leave unattended for hours? Should I just get a new one to be on the safe side, or do you think it’s still good?


  4. I have a crockpot that I received 30 years ago as a wedding present and it’s still working. All the new ones I have bought recently have cracked after about a year. I believe the crockery is just not being made with the same quality materials as they once were. Most products today seem to be made with shoddy craftsmanship. The only cookware I can depend on is my Lodge cast iron

    • My mom had one that was about that old. I think the older ones did last much longer. And I agree with the Lodge. I love my cast iron and it lasts forever!

  5. Shawn M says:

    The plain crock pots last for ages, the only way I’ve broken one is to break the actual crock (which means buying a new unit) or the lid (which is easily replaceable from the company.) I have been very disappointed in the fancier models. The digital models and the temperature probe models have all broken within a year. I just stick to the plain models now.

  6. I love all my crockpots. I have a Crock Pot brand 7 quart, similar to the one in your picture, that’s about 2 years old. I love it for roasts and large batch cooking. I also have a 1 1/2 quart Proctor Silex that’s about 12 years old. I use it all the time for small batches of spaghetti sauce, cheese dip, sloppy joe sauce, etc. But, my real workhorse is my 4 quart Hamilton Beach that’s probably around 35 years old. It’s starting to show it’s age, but still does a great job on beans, soups, chicken dishes, etc. Not sure what I’ll do if it ever gives quits on me!

    None of my pots are digital. The 7 and 1 1/2 quarts have WARM, LOW, and HIGH settings. The Hamilton Beach has LOW, HIGH, and AUTO. AUTO doesn’t work anymore, but the way it used to work was it would turn the crock on high for an hour then automatically switch back to low. I really miss that feature…

    • I have never had a Hamilton Beach one, I thought about getting one this time to see if it would last longer, but went ahead and got the one in the picture. If this one doesn’t last I think I will give Hamilton Beach a try because it seems like people really like them. And I am glad to know I am not the only one with more than one crock pot. 🙂

  7. I have a 7qt, 4qt, and 1 1/2 qt. The 7qt is newest, it’s a Kenmore, about 4 years old. I do not like it as much as my other crockpots. It’s digital and seems to get too hot so I do not trust it if I’m going to be gone all day. The 1 1/2 qt. has mainly been used for sauces and such to accompany other main dishes. The 4qt never leaves my kitchen counter. It’s used at least 2 times a week. It’s Rival with just LOW, HIGH and WARM settings. It’s about 8 years old. The very best crock pot I have owned was a 6qt Hamilton Beach that lasted for years and years. The only reason I’m not using it now is because my kids were horsing around and accidently knocked it to the floor and the crock broke. It would have cost more to replace that particular crock than a new unit. So that’s when I bought the 7qt. I have had good luck buying off brand slow cookers at places like Fred’s for around $15. As my kids have moved out, I’ve let them take those because they were 4 or 5qt and a good starter for a couple. I’d say stick with the basic slow cookers. They’re reasonably priced and should last long enough to get your money’s worth.

  8. My main one is still kicking some 11 years later! It’s missing a handle, but still works.

  9. I have 3. A small one for dips or a chicken breast is the newest, less than a year. Then the next one up is about 4 qt. It was my dad’s, it is a Sunbeam. It is about 14 years old. And the oldest is about 6 qts, and it was the one my mom used when I was in high school. I graduated in 1981, and she had it prior to that.

    I keep looking at the new programmable ones, so my meat doesn’t overcook,

  10. Janet G. says:

    I have had my crockpot for 30 years. I have often thought of replacing it with one with bells and whistles. But like all appliances, big and small, they seem to be built as “disposables” these days.

  11. Kristine says:

    I had a Crock-Pot (Crock-Pot brand) that lasted only a couple of years before the crock cracked, and I had to replace it. In reading reviews online before buying a new one, I saw a lot of complaints about that brand for the same reason. My current slow cooker is a six-quart Hamilton Beach, and so far it’s worked well. I’ve had it less than a year, so I can’t say how long it will last, but I use it at least once per week–often twice or more. I always buy the simple, basic kind because I can’t afford all the extras, but I prefer simple anyway. I use slow-cooker liners to simplify cleanup as well.

  12. Donna Scott says:

    absolutely love my crockpot, a rival crock-pot “smart-pot” but the handle on the glass lid broke. can’t figure out how to replace the handle or just the lid so will probably get another one eventually. until then I’ll use it.

  13. I’ve had great longevity with Rival crockpots in the past, so I got another one 4 years ago with a lock-on lid for church potlucks. My first lasted 9 years before I gave it away due to to external cosmetic reasons (i.e. the metal housing was seriously rusting), so I’ll see how long this one lasts.

  14. I received one as a wedding gift over 20 years ago. Still working great! It’s not pretty but it still works. It is by Rival and has just lo and high settings. I have looked at new ones that are a little bigger but have yet to purchase one. After reading all the comments I’m glad I’ve held on to this one.

  15. Rhonda H. says:

    II received my first crock pot, a Rival, for Christmas 1980. It’s still going strong. It’s not as pretty as a new stainless one, and it has NO bells or whistles, but it works as good today as it did the first time I used it!!

  16. Heather says:

    I have 3 crockpot 2 are 15 years old love them. Just rival crockpot plain.

  17. I think ours was a wedding present, which means I’ve had it for at least 25 years. Very basic, off, low, and high. I use it about once a week or so, especially in the winter and it’s great. I’ve thought of getting something newer, with a timer or keep warm feature, but now I think I’ll just stick with what I’ve got.

  18. I also have found the ones without all the bells and whistles are best. I have a 6 qt Hamilton Beach with warm, low, high that I have had about four years and counting. It replaced an expensive Cusinart that died. I had a Rival brand before that that I broke the lid. I asked for a smaller one for Christmas for sides and small things and got another Plain Rival one.

  19. Because I cracked two crocks (my fault) within about a year, I purchased a GE programable with a metal non-stick “crock.” The first time I lifted the crock out, I nearly threw it in the air. It is so light, and I was used to lifting the heavy crocks. 🙂 It also has a retractable cord and locking lid for taking it places. I love these features mentioned. I purchased it in October of 2011 or 2012, so it hasn’t stood the test of time yet. …and I don’t really know how to program it.

  20. B. Winblad says:

    I hear you Lynn! I purchased several Crockpot and even a Cuisinart brand slow cooker in recent years. All of these had the same problem, it would take forever to cook things and ALL of the Crockpot ones, the crock would crack on me. A year ago Christmas, my husband bought me a Hamilton Beach (the one that has the metal crock!!) and I simply LOVE IT!! It cooks up very well and I never ever doubt my meals will be done. It is a digital one, so it automatically switches over to warm. My favorite feature is the metal crock though, no more cracked crocks!! I always use the Reynold’s crockpot liners with it too, so clean up is as easy as lifting out a bag to the trash and done.

    I love my first Hamilton Beach so much, that I went out and bought another one. This time I bought the Set it and Forget it one that comes with a cooking probe. I use both of them routinely.

    After using these Hamilton Beach ones, I can say I have happily converted over and would not waste my money on a Crockpot brand one again. I just don’t think they are being made as well as they use to.

  21. My Rival crock pot is 30 or more years old, with 2 temps-Low and High. Works fine, and By the way, I have had other crock pots and none have ever cracked, Workmanship may be inferior on newer ones??? Hopefully Manufacturers are reading and taking heed to this issue about crack crock pots.

  22. tina LAWWILL says:

    i purchased a crock pot many years ago.. i know over 7 or 8 yrs.. the only thing im having a problem with is the taste of the food after its through cooking.. it doesnt seem to taste right… so i think im going to through in the towel and get another one.. this one is made by hamilton beach… has been a good cooker for me… i think all the years of cooking in the same pot is just leaving a bad taste… even after i have bleached and washed and washed and washed it.. hopefully ill get another one that will last this long…

  23. After watching the This is Us episode where the Crock Pot set the house on fire, I started wondering this question too. Well today, my Crock Pot died. I got it as a wedding shower gift in 1985! It turned 33 years old in February. I think that must be a record, because I use it at least once a week. So sad to toss it out, it just stopped heating today. I think I’ll get another basic one like you’ve suggested. This one had a dial – low high and off.

  24. I have had my Rival crock pot for over 10years. Very basic, Low, High, and Warm settings only. I am not sure , but it seems that the Low setting isn’t working correctly. After 4 hours on Low, the contents of pot is at the boiling point. I just noticed this in the last 3 months of use. It seems that the food is being overcooked on Low. I didn’t think that the crock pot was supposed to cook this way. Shouldn’t the food simmer, not boil? Help. Thanks. I was ready to get rid of it until I read on this blog that many people still use their old crock pots with just the basic settings. No bells and whistles. And they still work fine. Thanks again for any suggestions.


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