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Mission Gluten Free Tortillas~ They Made Our Vacation So Much Easier

Mission Gluten Free Tortillas

Let me start by saying this is not a sponsored post. Mission has no clue who I am and I am not being paid for saying this. I am just sharing a product that I recently tried and loved. And actually my whole family, non gluten free and gluten free eaters, all loved these tortillas.

I am working on a post for later this week, or maybe Monday if I don’t get it done in time, on how we manged to take a week’s vacation and only eat out four times. Yes, we only ate four of our twenty one meals at restaurants. And none of the places we stayed had a full kitchen. But that is all for another post.

Today, I just wanted to talk about the Mission Gluten Free Tortillas that we tried while on vacation. I thought about sharing this in my gluten free section, but I know a lot of my regular readers know someone that is gluten free, so I thought I would share it here in my main section for everyone to see.

I found Mission Gluten Free Tortillas at a Safeway in Arizona. As soon as I saw them I was excited. And as soon as I picked up the package and realized that they felt like a real flour tortilla, I was even more excited.

I instantly put three packages in my cart. I had not even tasted them and I had high hopes for them just based on the how soft and flexible I could tell they were.

We had planned on making sandwiches for lunch the next day, but instead decided to make wraps using the gluten free tortillas. Right away I knew they were going to be good. They rolled. They really rolled up just like a real flour tortilla would. And after my first bite I was sold. These gluten free tortillas were by far the best gluten free tortillas we have had.

Now, I know there are a lot of gluten free tortillas out there. We love and use Udi’s Gluten Free Tortillas, Aldi’s gluten free wraps, and others. We use corn tortillas all the time, but flour tortillas are high on my list of things I miss. Like I really really miss them.

I missed the taste and the texture. I missed a good burrito, wrap, enchilada, quesadilla, taco, and more. Yes, you can make them all with other gluten free tortillas or corn ones, but there is nothing quite the same as a regular flour tortilla.

The Mission Gluten Free Tortillas hit the mark right on as far as I am concerned.

We used them for wraps at least one meal a day while on vacation. They really made our vacation eating so much easier.

I went to three Safeways while on vacation to buy them. I brought five packages home with me and would have brought more if the store would have had them. Yes, I bought all they had. That is how much we loved them.

Monday night I used them for fajitas and they were so good! Oh how I have missed flour tortillas.

Now if only I could find them in Oklahoma…From what I have been able to find out they are only available in the Western United States right now. I think they are a new product and are in a limited area. I am hoping the are available everywhere soon.

If you are one of the lucky ones that have them in your area be sure to try them. I don’t think you will be disappointed. For the rest of us we can hope they offer them all over the country soon. And in the meantime I might have to have my family on the west coast ship them to me. 🙂

Has anyone else tried these? What were your thoughts?

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  1. I bought some of those for a gluten free guest and I am pretty sure I got them at Walmart. In any case, they are available to me. If you would ever like me to ship some to you, I would be glad to. Sheilaglaurence @ I am in AZ.

    • I am glad to know that other stores carry them. We only went to Safeway on our vacation because it was convenient, but I am glad to hear you can get them elsewhere. And that is really kind of you to offer. My mom and sisters all live in Oregon, so I think they will be able to find them there and ship them to me. I really appreciate the offer though!

  2. Also, I actually work out of Tulsa and will be coming there in a couple of weeks. If you are near there, I would even meet you. I know you are in OK but not sure where. There are very few non stop flights, so I have to be on an early Sunday morning flight on Father’s Day and I will get there around lunch time and don’t have anything I need to do until work on Monday. I will be staying at a hotel near Woodland Hills Mall and our office is at 14th and Sheridan.

  3. Francine Singer says

    I was excited to see where you found these. I live in Texas, I have not seen them here. I was wondering if there was a way to contact the company and have them send some to our area of the country. I am sure they would be well received.

    • Maybe if enough of us contact them and request them in our area they will bring them to more locations. I am wondering if it is a processing thing and right now they only have a west coast plant that is equipped to make gluten free ones. That is just a guess though. I think contacting the company is a good idea!

  4. I thought originally when I saw them they would be great because they are soft and plyable but they break in the package leaving shards of tortillas rather than whole then there is a taste issue they have an after taste after spending the 5.99 for a package and using them it is just not worth it for me because I can’t get past the shards breakages in the package and the after taste I really wish I could because it would have been a great thing to keep in your car for traveling to use on the occaion where you need it..I found that making naan bread at home is really a much better taste texture and more budget freindly..

    • I wonder if the ones I got were fresher or something because we did not notice that. I have a few packages left, so I will have to see if we notice that as they get a little older. And yes they are expensive. For vacation it worked great. If I find them in my area they will not be an everyday thing because corn tortillas will still be cheaper for things like tacos, etc, but they are nice for a more true flour tortilla like taste.

    • And I have never made gluten free naan. Do you have a recipe you like?

  5. Michelle says

    I think you can get them on Amazon, too.

  6. I live in AZ and buy these occasionally for myself. They are the best I have tried to get a true flour tortilla taste and texture, but agree there is a slight after taste. I also think they stick to the roof of your mouth more than a regular flour tortilla….it’s been almost three years since I could eat gluten so I could be remembering wrong? I purchase them at WalMart and they are usually around $4.89 per package. I just can’t justify spending any more than $5 for myself so I never buy them at the grocery store. Hopefully they will become available in the rest of the country soon!

  7. I looked at them on Mission’s website and they are not available in my area. They are not corn-free anyway so they won’t help me. I have made tortillas using Living Without’s high protein flour blend and their tortilla recipe. The dough is really sticky and I could never get them very thin. But they worked. I usually just make my tacos into a salad or rice bowl.

    • We make a lot of taco salad and taco bowls. I love Mexican for a normal gluten free meal and we eat a lot of it. I will have to look at Living Without’s recipe. Thanks for mentioning it.

  8. I would LOVE to find some of these in my area! As it is, I have to settle for corn tortillas…

  9. kim brown says

    Have you found anywhere you can order them from online?

    • No I have not. I wish I could.

    • I contacted mission in Feb 2016 and they said they are only distributing in the western US at this time. I looked into Amazon Walmart etc online to see if I could have them shipped but they don’t carry them online. If anyone knows how I can order them
      From a western US grocery, please let me know.
      My daughter really misses good flour tortillas!

      • I just found them on Amazon today, they come with 6 packages for $32. The only catch is they are only 6 to each package where when I was in WA I bought them at walmart with 8 in the package. Now that I’m in Texas I haven’t been able to find them and I’m hoping they come here soon! I had talked to someone at a local Kroger and he thought they were going to start carrying them in July 2016 but nothing yet. 🙁

  10. Christine Chappell says

    My son bought these for me when we visited him in Utah last June. I too, was very impressed with them. They really were soft and delicious. I haven’t found them in the Austin, TX area yet. Hope the stores here will start stocking them.

  11. I cannot live without Mission GF tortillas. They are delicious!! So much better than any GF bread which is basically sawdust or at least tastes like it. I use these for everything. Fry them and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar for a delicious GF treat. I take them with me when I visit family in Michigan as I cannot find them there!

  12. I tried them. I got a stomachache each time I ate them. Though expensive, I threw the remaining tortillas away. Something in them is not gluten free.

  13. You are right!! These tortillas are so amazing. A great flavor and light flaky texture. I like them better than the regular tortillas. I’d like to find the recipe so I could make them myself.

    • I know! They are the best GF tortillas that we have had. I tried making gf tortilla and they weren’t that great, especially for the work it took. I kind of gave up trying to get the homemade ones right because the Mission ones are so good.

  14. Do these tortillas have egg, soy or dairy in them by chance? And where did you by them from?

    • They have soy in them. I find them at Sprouts and some Walmarts in my area. When I have visited family on the West Coast I have sound them at Safeway, Fred Meyers, Kroger, and a few other places. A lot of stores now carry them. I hope that helps.

  15. Linnetta says

    That’s wonderful. I am going to try them right away. It is so hard to find GF products that are really good. I found GF chocolate chip cookies at trader Joe’s that are amazing. They are in a small bag and on the expensive side but so worth it.

    • I hope that you enjoy them! I have not tried the Trader Joes chocolate chip cookies. I will have to look for them next time I go. Thanks!

  16. i live in iowa and have no trouble finding these. i always grab several and some in freezer,, these are far superior than aldi’s.

    • I am glad that you are able to find them. I can now find them at one or two stores in my area so I think more places are stocking them. They are still our favorite tortilla.

  17. Rosemary Spanos says

    We have them in Northern Virginia ,but they are very hard to find. I believe everyone buys them when they find them. Yes they are by far the best. We find them at Safeway and Harris Teeter. Enjoy

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