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What Is the Price of a Gallon of Milk {Ask the Readers}

Ask The Readers

It has been awhile since I did an Ask the Readers question, so today I thought we would talk grocery prices. More specifically milk prices.

Grocery prices are on the rise. Along with the price of almost everything.


This is what I paid for milk recently. I do buy my milk at Braums, so it is a little higher priced than a regular grocery store in our area, but not a lot. We love their milk. It tastes great and is hormone free, so it is worth paying a little extra.

With the price of milk and other dairy on the rise, I was curious what others around the country are paying for a gallon of milk.

I would love to hear what you are paying and what state you live in. It will be interesting to see how much the prices vary in different parts of the country.


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  1. Lori Hicks says

    $3.99 in Houston, TEXAS for Whole Milk

  2. I pay anywhere from 3.50 to 4.12 a gallon. Lately it’s been cheaper to buy two half gallons instead of one whole. One store had them 2 for 3.00 and this week another store has half gallons 1.99 each.

  3. Here in Michigan we are paying $3.09.

  4. Ohmygosh! That’s horrible! I pay around $2.29 a gallon at Kroger. If milk ever gets that expensive here, we may cut back on how much we drink.

    • That’s a North Texas price, btw. We’re about an hour ouside Dallas. I imagine the price per gallon is probably more there than it is here.

      • Tricia G. says

        Wow, I live in Denton and the cheapest I can get it at Kroger is 2.99 on sale, but usually 3.19 is the lowest.

  5. Here in the Bowling Green, KY area the going price is $3.49 a gallon. Sometimes you can catch a sale for $2.99.

  6. at CVS with my card, it’s $2.99; everywhere else, it’s about $3.99+

  7. Here in central Maryland Wegmans store brand which I think is growth hormone free is $2.49 per gallon most days. However, I switched the whole family to organic earlier this year which is $5-6 at least.

  8. linda payne says

    Lately we haven’t been drinking plain milk, we’ve been drinking smoothie and recently I saw lowfat soy milk in the dollar store in container that is shelf stable so it doesn’t start expiring until you open it, so it’s not a gallon but $1 for like a 32 oz container

  9. Here in the Kansas City area. Aldi has 2% for around 3.60. The regular stores are around 4.50 or higher for 2% and close to $5 for whole milk.

    I miss last year or was it close to two years ago now. When Aldi had 2% at 1.99. They have slowly brought the price up.

  10. I’m in Ontario, Canada & 4L (about a Gallon) of milk is around $5.00-6.00 for “regular” milk. Organic is easily double.

  11. Texas – $2.99 almost every store (Kroger, Walmart, SAMs Club). Sometimes $2.79 at Costco and Aldi.

  12. In Lancaster, Pa we buy raw milk for $2.00/gallon. My children really dislike store bought milk.

    • Sarah DJ says

      Wow, we pay double that ($4/gallon) for delicious, raw, grass fed milk in central Illinois! Totally worth the price!

  13. $3.79 to $4 in Northeast Florida. I’ve been thinking of switching to bulk dry milk, but it seems it’s more expensive than fresh. How can that be? Maybe I miscalculated.

    • I had that same line of thought and the taste is not as good either…we have it on hand in case of a disaster or something though.

  14. I live in Niagara, Canada and we pay about $4/ 3 liters so that would be about $5.30/gallon at the cheapest stores.

  15. In Morgantown, PA whole milk is $4.19 a gallon.

  16. I pay $5.99/gal of organic milk at Publix in SC (it’s $5.28 at EarthFare, but that’s enough out of my way that it’s not worth the savings). I think it’s $6.29 at WalMart, which is the UltraHighTemp pasteurized – lasts longer, but I’ve read it’s not as good for you for some reason, so I stick to Publix. I haven’t bought non-organic milk in a while, but I think I noticed it was upwards of $4/gal the other day – that seemed high (I thought it was more in the $3.50 range), so maybe I misread the tag or it was name brand or something… or maybe it’s snuck up independently of the organic prices.

  17. Wow, Braums is actually cheaper than most places here. I pay $3.79 a gallon, maybe? Everywhere but Aldi and Sam’s is about $4.19 or higher. The kids love Braums milk, and they don’t like Sam’s Club milk at all. I pay less for eggs at Braums too. In Springfield, Missouri.

  18. Tracie H says

    We’re in the Roanoke, VA area and whole milk is $4.09 a gallon.

  19. We pay $5.49 for a gallon of Kroger store brand organic whole milk. I buy 2 or 3 gallons when it gets marked down to $2.89 because it’s a week out from the expiration date. Regular milk is about $2.50 a gallon. We’re just east of Houston TX.

  20. Kristine says

    My husband has a dairy intolerance, so we use almond milk and coconut milk, which cost even more than regular milk, unfortunately. Walmart Great Value almond milk costs about $2.58 for half a gallon.

  21. Here in SC, I pay $6.99 a gallon, but it is a local dairy and non homogenized.

  22. I pay around $4.00 to $4.50 Jackson,Ms. area. (Kroger & Walmart)

  23. I live near Dallas & pay $4.99 a gallon for Organic milk at Sprouts. I also buy it at Kroeger but it’s a little bit more expensive there.

  24. $5.99 Greenwise organic milk gallon from publix in
    Southwest florida

  25. In northeast Arkansas we pay $4 – 4.50 for a gallon of store brand whole milk.

    I have started using Almond Milk a lot. My kids love to drink it or use it in cereal. It is frequently on sale. I find lots of $1.00 or more off coupons for it, plus it has a lot longer shelf life than cows milk.

  26. I thought I was paying a lot at $3.29, but several are paying much more than that. I guess I had better quit complaining.

  27. BTW, this is Northeastern Ohio

  28. Rachel Clark says

    I live in College Station, Texas and I pay $2.97 for a gallon of 2% milk at Kroger’s.

  29. We paid $3.86 here in New Orleans last time, but that store is always about 30 cents higher than Save-A-Lot. We use a lot of milk because I make 2 gallons of yogurt a week (for a family of 6.)

  30. In Northern VA, skim milk is $3.05 and 2% is $3.25 at Costco. At the regular grocery stores it is about $3.79!

  31. My family easily goes through 4-6 gallons a wk. We pay $2.99/gal @ aldi, $3.79/@ Walmart, $4/gal @ dollar general.

  32. I live in southern Michigan and milk is usually about $2.79 a gallon (on sale, $3.19 is regular price I think) at Kroger and has been $3.05 a gallon at Sam’s.

  33. 3.69 – 4.19 gallon in So Cal.

  34. I watch the ads, but mostly buy milk at Bottom Dollar Grocery for $3.51/gallon. This week it’s on sale at Pathmark for $3.29/gallon–woo hoo! This is in New Jersey.

  35. In Henderson, KY (western KY), I bought a gallon of 2% last week for $1.49 at Ruler Foods (same company that owns Kroger). At Walmart, Great Value brand has been running $1.99. Before Ruler opened a couple of years age, it was over $4 a gallon at Walmart.

  36. I just paid $6.59 last night for 2 gallons of milk at Costco in southern CA…so about $3.30 a gallon. If I get milk somewhere else it runs about the same as you paid.

  37. I live in Ontario, Canada and I currently pay $3.99 / gallon of 2% milk, and once a week get it on sale for $3.20 / gallon. All of our Canadian milk is hormone/antibiotic/steroid free.

  38. I guess living in Arizona has its one perk…..our milk is so much cheaper than anything else posted. I just paid $1.88 for a gallon of 2% hormone-free milk, and $2.49 for a gallon of skim organic milk. The skim milk was on clearance as the expiration date is coming up soon, but we drink a ton of milk so the date doesn’t effect us. I must admit that $1.88 is a good price as I usually pay anywhere from there to $2.49. The organic milk can be anywhere from $2.49 to $5.99 per gallon. And our prices don’t change based on the milk…..skim to whole is the same price.

  39. Our milk was running from 3.20ish-3.50 a gallon regular price 2.something on sale until recently. Today I just bought gallons of milk for 1.88 at Kroger and have been buying it for 1.49/1.69 at Ruler Foods for the last month or so. This is North Central Indiana.

  40. ALDIs in Mooresville, NC: $2.89
    ALDIs in Statesville, NC: $.3.59

  41. I just paid $3.29 a gallon at our local Smith’s, but have seen it as high as $4:50 a gallon.

  42. We only buy organic milk and here in WA, it is $5.29 a gallon.

  43. I live northeast of Albany, NY and I pay $3.00 for a half gallon of whole milk. It comes from a local dairy farm in Salem, NY. I like the milk because it’s local and in glass bottles. The milk stays fresher in glass than the plastic or cardboard containers. I don’t buy milk from the supermarket anymore. This is just one of the things that I will pay more for.

  44. Here in Northern Indiana we are paying 2.29 at the regular price. This week it is on sale for 1.88 at Krogers.

  45. In Western South Dakota (Rapid City), it’s usually around $5 a gallon. I paid $5.29 for a gallon of 2% a couple evenings ago.

  46. It’s $2.29 at Sam’s Club in Fort Wayne, IN.

  47. Virginia Lee says

    I’ve never commented before. But these prices were quite interesting. I love in Northern Colorado and we pay $3.50 for a gallon of 1 percent milk at Walmart. That’s the cheapest price of all the groceries (King Soopers, Sams, Safeway) in town. But sometimes the King Soopers will put it on sale for $3.05 per gallon of 1 percent. If you buy organic it’s $6 dollars a gallon. Our family goes through 3 gallons a week, and that’s limiting our intake, so no organic for us!

  48. Wheaton, IL, I paid $2.22 today for 1 gallon of milk at Jewel. It varies from $3.79 to $1.99 on special at various stores.

  49. Danielle M. says

    Honolulu, HI….buying at the military commissary, skim milk is $5.99 for local brand (Meadow Gold) and about $6.99 for the Viva (?) brand, didn’t really look too closely. Organic milk is about $4.99 for a half-gallon. Sam’s or Costco is usually cheaper, at about $3.99 – $4.99 a gallon.

  50. I live in Michigan, I buy the store brand milk – 2% – which is usually $2.87 but is on sale for $2.49 right now. If you stop at a corner convenience store (CVS, Rite Aid) – you pay almost $4 for a gallon.

  51. Hanover, PA

    ~ Whole milk: $4.40 a gallon
    ~ 2%; $4.15 a gallon

  52. I pay $6.00 for a gallon of milk here in Puerto Rico. It doesn’t make sense to me since the milk is NOT imported; we have our own dairy farms right here on our island.

  53. WiffytoJ says

    We live on the coast in WA state and it’s right around $3/gal. I wish I could afford organic but we go through 5 gallons/week and it’s just not affordable with our large family. Sometimes they have them at 1/2 price when they are getting within a week of expiration so I buy one of those and make yogurt with it. 🙂

  54. Christina S. says

    Prices fluctuate pretty often here in NE Tennessee. I buy milk from Ingles – we prefer theirs for quality and taste. It ranges from $3.28 on sale to $3.98 regular price. This is not organic. Organic is usually $6 +/-. You can get milk cheaper at places like Wal-Mart, but the quality goes down greatly. But I’ve found that the quality of most of Wal-mart’s food is less than I desire for my family.

  55. We pay about 8.00 for 1/2 gallon of organic here in Nova Scotia Canada

  56. OR $3.59 for 2% regular price $2.50/gal sale price

  57. Hannah Wright says

    This is the same price a gallon of milk is here in Nebraska at our regular stores.

  58. Stephanie says

    I live in Perth, Australia and I spend about $5.30 per gallon for milk (though we buy by the 2L bottle) for local brands.

    Cheapest we can get it (supermarket home brand) is $3.80 a gallon but I prefer to buy the more expensive farmer supporting brands. I don’t even know if we can get organic milk but the fancy rich delicious milk is probably about $10 a litre, makes the best coffees though!

  59. Uh, I think you’re lucky to pay this little… I live in Austria, Central Europe, and here we only have litre and half-litre bottles of milk. For 1 litre organic whole-milk we usually pay around €1.80, that would be like $2.43.

  60. Sandrine says

    in France it’s 1,57€ ($1,77) for a litre of whole organic milk (fresh) so for around 0.25 gallon
    and 1,14€ ($1,28) for “classic” one (fresh)

    but we mainly use ultra hight temperature prepared one wich is around 1€/litre ($1,13)

  61. Mary Williams says

    Milk in so. ELGIN I’ll. At Walgreen s best price. $2.99 for dean’s whole milk a gallon

  62. Bill Trentham says

    As of September 29, 2017 milk is 0.98 cents per gallon in Anniston Al. 36207. Same in Oxford Al. At Walmart stores. the price was over $3.50 per gallon just two months ago. I can find no source as to why this is happening, Driving me crazy……must be even worse for dairy farmers!!! Sure would like to know what is going on here.

  63. George Ruppert says

    It’s 1.99 in mi. Detroit metro area at Kroger and a couple of weeks ago it was 1.50 a gallon

  64. Sandra Hite says

    Gave 3.98!for a gallon of milk at ingles.wont do that again.I will go back to Kroger.

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