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Quick and Easy Side Dish- Buttered Rice

Buttered Rice is a quick and easy side dish that goes well with chicken, beef, or pork!

Buttered Rice

You all know I love quick and easy recipes. And you probably also know that I love inexpensive recipes that use everyday ingredients.

Well, today’s recipe for Easy Buttered Rice is just that. It is quick and easy and only contains three everyday kitchen staple type ingredients.

This rice is a simple side dish that goes with so many different meals. And if you add ground beef to it, it is an easy main dish. Add cooked chicken and it would make this an easy chicken main dish.

This is one of those very versatile, but very simple recipes.

This is almost so easy that you don’t need a recipe, but many of you have asked that I share more side dishes. This is a favorite in our house, so I decided that I would share it even though it is nothing fancy.

If you have never tried a simple rice dish like this, you should. It works so well for those times when you need something really quick and easy.

It also works well with both chicken and beef broth. If you are serving it with chicken or pork use chicken broth. For beef dishes it works well with beef broth.

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  1. Lynn, is the chicken or beef broth Gluten Free in your buttered rice?
    Rice is always on our menu and this will be a nice change from the plain rice we normally have. I’m just learning GF products because of celiac Thanks!!!

    • Most canned broths are gluten free, but be sure to read labels. They should say contains wheat if they do. I stick to the more name brands and get the plain broths. You can also check the brand websites and they should have information if you cannot figure it out by reading the label on the can. I have not had trouble finding gluten free ones in my area though. I hope that helps.

  2. We tend to have roast chicken at least a couple of times of month and I make homemade broth with the carcass, adding veggies. The broth/stock is always full of gelatin, so when I make rice with my homemade broth I feel like I am making super-rice. It’s extra protein and vitamins from all that great broth; not just rice. (No worries about mysterious additives in canned broths either.) This is my favorite go-to quick and easy side dish. I will have to take time to brown the rice next time to see if it makes it better.

  3. Buttered rice is one of my favorite ways to eat rice. With lots of black pepper. I am from Louisiana so we dearly love our rice.

  4. I make it and add steamed broccoli and cauliflower to where they are still crunchy, and add pieces of american sliced cheese (and it melts deliciously). Then grind pepper to top it off and voilà!!

  5. I like brown rice so would I have to add more broth/water and cook for a longer period of time? Or should I par-boil the brown rice a little bit before adding it to the pan with the butter?

    Usually when I make brown rice I just cook it according to the package (I buy the Lundgren brown rice, long grain). I add about 3 TBSP butter after it’s cooked (on stovetop) and some parsley and chives. Makes a great side dish. But this recipe sounds intriguing, too, so I’d like to know more about the cooking times. My DH hates white rice so that’s not an option and I hate basmatic and other “flavored” rices (Jasmine, et al) so we stick with brown rice. Always great to know lots of different ways to cook it as fast as possible!

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.