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Strawberry Banana Smoothie

We eat a lot of smoothies. They are a quick, easy, and healthy addition to a meal and also make a perfect snack.

Earlier today I posted about freezing smoothies, so I wanted to also post the recipe for one of our favorite smoothies to make.

Now, I know some of you are probably thinking, a recipe for smoothies? Well, yes actually I often follow a basic recipe or guide for smoothies.

I often use smoothies as a way to use up some fresh or frozen fruit and when I do that I just dump everything into the blender and make a smoothie. I have even been known to make a green smoothie, but I have found that for my family we prefer simple smoothies the most.

We like to taste the flavors of a smoothie. I have found that when I dump several fruits, fruit juices, or even things like spinach into a smoothie, I loose the flavor of the fruit.

When I do this it is just a jumbled taste, with no one dominant flavor. I like to taste my food and have the flavor stand out.

If I am going to have strawberry in my smoothie, I prefer to taste the strawberries. If I am going to have pineapple in my smoothie, I like to be able to taste the pineapple.

So, today I am posting a recipe for a basic smoothie. It is simply strawberry and bananas, with a little yogurt, milk, and honey. Very simple and very good!

And this freezes really well, so it works great with the method I posted about earlier today.

Another favorite smoothie in our house is a pineapple orange smoothie and I will post that recipe soon.

How do you like your smoothie? Do you prefer just a couple of flavors in your smoothie or are you one to just dump a little bit of everything in?

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  1. This sounds wonderful. How much does this make? Thanks

    • @Jessica, I depends on how big you like your smoothies. This is usually enough for my 3 kids and I to have a small one each for breakfast or lunch. So I would say 4 small ones or 2-3 larger ones. I hope that helps.

  2. If I’m using fresh strawberries, but going to freeze the smoothie, do I need the ice?

  3. I LOVE strawberry banana smoothies! I can’t wait to try out this new recipe!

  4. I made these tonight and they were very yummy!! I’m trying to freezer method in the Ball freezer jam cups for my girlies to take for lunch. They are SO excited to have a smoothie for lunch at school. Thanks so much.

  5. I’m going to whip some of these up and put in the freezer! I have a few reusable tubs. Great idea!

  6. Shiffers5 says

    Why not use the flavored yogurt? The large bucket of strawberry flavored would punch that strawberry taste! Or even get Strawberry-Banana! Got to try these…thanks!

  7. Found this post on Pinterest and just made it with my kids….SO good! Taste just like a Strawberry Julius!!! Thanks:)

  8. Elizabeth Shrader says

    How long do you think these are good in the freezer?

    • A month or six weeks is about the longest I have left them, but that is more because they get eaten though. I think at least a month or a little longer and they would be fine.

  9. Kathleen says


    Have you figured out how many calories are in your strawberry banana smoothie? And how many smoothies does your recipe yield?

    Thanks, Kathleen

  10. I love this idea of using the ball freezer jars for smoothies. Can’t wait to purchase a package.
    I always put one scoop of Whey protein powder in my smoothies to add some sweetness and to allow
    them to be a bit more filling. Can’t wait to try your ideas.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. You don’t say how many “smoothies” your recipe for Strawberry Banana Smoothies make. How many?

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.