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Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Pie Crust

Bob’s Red Mill sells some of my favorite gluten free flours and products. I love how supportive they are of the gluten free lifestyle. I have actually been a Bob’s Red Mill fan for years. I grew up about an hour from Bob’s Red Mill headquarters and remember friends that used to go to there to stock up on flour and health foods several times […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Crustless Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is one of my favorite desserts this time of year. Several in my family love pumpkin, so I usually make pumpkin pie several times during the fall and holidays. Although I have a gluten free pie crust that I love, this year I have found that we also really enjoy crustless pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie is basically a custard filling, so crustless pumpkin […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Gluten Free Impossible Coconut Pie

If you loved,  and have missed, the popular impossible coconut pie that has been around for years you need to head over to GF Mixes where I am sharing how I made it into a gluten free impossible coconut pie. It is really easy and really delicious!

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures