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Nut Allergies and Family and Friends

This post is the fourth post in a series that SnoWhite and I are doing on living with Nut Allergies. This week we are talking about communicating with friends and family members. Please be sure to read SnoWhite’s thought on this issue. She has been dealing with nut allergies most of her life and her information has been very helpful to me. The subject of communicating with […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Nut Allergies: Adjusting

Today SnoWhite and I are continuing our series on dealing with Nut Allergies. I am really enjoying doing this series and I hope you are too. Make sure to stop by Finding Joy In My Kitchen to read SnoWhite’s thoughts. Adjusting to life with nut allergies is something my family is still dealing with and learning about. We are still in the process of figuring […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures