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What Is It Wednesday {Bread Cheese}

There is no guessing for today’s What Is It Wednesday, but I do want to talk about a new cheese we tried.

Am I the only one that loves cheese?

Really, I think I could live on cheese. Well, actually I could live on cheese and chocolate, but not mixed together.

Cheese has been one of my favorite foods since I was a kid and I will eat it almost any chance I get.

I recently saw this Bread Cheese at the grocery store and knew I wanted to try it. I have never heard of bread cheese and it sounded very interesting.

I have no idea why this is called bread cheese. There is nothing bread like about it. It is just cheese and really good cheese.

It is hard to explain what this tasted like. It was a bit strong, but not too strong. It reminded me a bit of mozzarella, but stronger. When I searched online for information about bread cheese, I really could not find much information. I find a little information on Wikipedia. From what information I did find online though, bread cheese is a Finnish Cheese.

Although I really liked this cheese, like most cheese it is a bit pricey. It was nice to try, but I doubt we will be eating this often.

Has anyone else tried bread cheese? If so what are your thoughts?


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  1. Haven’t tried bread cheese, but we do love cheese! When I saw the Carr Valley package I had to stop & say that we’ve been to their plant! When we drive to see our friends we always stop at their cheese-making plant — fresh cheese curds are the best. So fresh, they squeak! How awesome that you can get their cheese in the store.

    • Oh my god, I love squeaky cheese! We have family out in Wisconsin, so whenever someone goes to visit, it is required that they bring home squeaky cheese. 🙂

    • We visited the Tillamook Cheese factory in OR a few years ago and my kids thought it was fun to see how the cheese was made. We had some of the cheese curds and they were fun to try.

  2. Funny you should mention how you love chocolate and cheese. I live in Wisconsin where we are known for our cheese and there is such a thing as chocolate cheese. It sort of tastes like fudge.

  3. Bought this a while back. Was told at the store the best way to eat this was to grill it for about 5 mins. prior to eating. I used my Forman grill, which I was told was okay. It looked beautiful with the grill marks when it was done and was very tasty. However, if you do not eat it within about a half hour it really becomes like rubber and not really enjoyable.

  4. it sounds good, is it made in Oklahoma by any chance?
    I will look for it in my town but I doubt I can find it here but maybe when we go to OKC.

    • I am not sure where you live in OK, but I found it at Reasors. They have quite a few unique and unusual cheeses at the Reasors I sometimes go to.

  5. We tried Carr Valley cheese for the first time earlier this year when we visited Wisconsin. They do have the best cheese curds 🙂 My husband loves their garlic bread cheese! Wish we good get their cheese here in Ohio.

  6. Juusto cheese! My hubby and I got some in Wisconsin on our way home from vacation a couple of years ago and got hooked…whenever we can, we get a package (which is not very often, sadly). We’ve had the Carr Valley kind, but our favorite was this stuff:

  7. No, I’ve never had bread cheese before, but that Wikipedia article makes it sound interesting.
    Funny you should say chocolate and cheese, but not together. On a family trip through Wisconsin as a teen we found a chocolate cheddar cheese that we all loved and I’ve never seen a product like it described quite like what I remember. (Nothing like the cheese fudge recipe by Paula Deen that I’ve read.)

  8. I picked some of this up a few years ago when we were vacationing in Wisconsin. I ended up cubing it, warming in the microwave a bit and sprinkling it with aleppo pepper flakes. I loved it! Kind of like bubbly, cheese pizza without the tomato. 🙂

  9. Yes, I bought and prepared some quite recently. Loved it. Mine was quite mild (more mozz-like yet denser, as you say), so it might not have sat aging for as long as yours. I pan-fried it in the old faithful cast iron skillet until the outside was lightly crisped and served it with a mixed, slightly warmed ‘instant chutney’ of half red plum jam, half ginger preserves, stirred together with chopped fresh mint, and it was just what I wanted for a small but filling lunch. I’m a fool for sweet-savory combinations, if you couldn’t guess. But I thought the cheese was terrific. Several types of “high melt” mild cheeses out there (a number of European countries have their own), and I have only tried a few yet. Tasty!

  10. Oh, that sounds good!

    Our local market has small cheese platters of “fancy cheeses” that change on a regular basis. We get one of those every now and then so that we get to try a sampler of cheeses we aren’t familiar with. Saves us from throwing away a big hunk of cheese that we discover isn’t too our tastes. Love trying new cheeses. 🙂

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.