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What Is It Wednesday- Item Four

Thank you for all your comments last week about goat cheese. I am glad to know that I am not the only one who doesn’t like it. I am planning on trying it again using some of the ways you suggested in the comments. I think I might like it in pasta or on pizza, so I have not totally given up on it just yet.

Now for this week’s What Is It Wednesday.

I recently found these when I was shopping at Sam’s Club. Do you know what they are?

And before you think you know exactly what it is, look at one next to an apple.

Seeing it next to a red delicious apple shows you the size of it better.

Any guesses on what it is?

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  1. Lori Cormier says

    I thought asian pear at first, but next to the apple, now I’m not so sure? Is it some kind of apple/pear combo? I’m interested to see what the answer is:)

  2. they look like seckel pears

  3. Looks like a comice pear to me, though I’m not sure if they’re that small.

  4. I was thinking a seckel pear also.

  5. Sugar pears. I saw them in Sam’s, too. If they had been fresher I would’ve bought them. My family could live on a diet of nothing but mac&cheese and pears. Where did I go wrong?

  6. They look Seckel pears. D’Anjous are also tiny, but the coloring is different.

  7. I vote for seckel pears too- i think they are used for canning?

  8. Looks like a seckel pear (not sure of the spelling). I grew up with one of these pear trees in our yard! They are very sweet and my grandmother used to can them and make a German dessert with them.

  9. Jaidi Clayton says

    looks like a pear apple to me…

  10. Sugar and seckel pears are the same thing. They had these at Meijer one time and my son loved them in his lunch. Just the perfect size.

  11. Yep sugar pears. Two bite wonders, four if you are a little one.

  12. Kim Kauffman says

    I thought asian pears but I’m not sure?

  13. Miniature Seckle pears? They’re so cute!

  14. Could be d’Anjou, as they are available in red and green varieties in my part of the world.

  15. My 2yo daughter loves these. They are just her size to eat by herself. We just eat them. What are you going to do with yours?

  16. Yup, look like seckle pears to me. We get them occassionaly through our buying club, and everyone loves them 🙂

  17. They could be grapples..the cross between a grape and apple…I always seem them in the store and want to try them 🙂

  18. is it a rose apple?

  19. I’m pretty sure its a seckel pear

  20. I immediately thought, “pear”. But then saw the size and was doubtful. After reading some of the other posts, it makes me want to try a seckle pear.

  21. Alice Bishoff says

    I think they are called seckle pears. They are a heirloom type pear.

  22. Betsy Negley says

    It’s a pear, not sure what variety though. It could be Foreel, Seckel or Comice.

  23. Just a wild guess….it’s a fig.

  24. I believe its an Asian pear. I used to work in the produce section of a grocery store and I remember seeing pears like this. If it’s not, I know it’s definitely another type of pear.

  25. I believe it is a seckel pear. They are very small in size and have olive green skin with a maroon blush. These sure look like that.

  26. Is it a quince? I’ve always wanted to try those but have never seen them in our local market.

  27. Sugar pears! I saw them at Sam’s. Do they have much “meat” on them and are they good? I have wanted to buy them, but I keep passing them up.

  28. I guess d’anjou or comice… either way, I’ve bought them from Sam’s and they’re firm even when ripe and nicely sweet and juicy…perfect for kids’ snacking and pureeing for babies – or tossed on a salad w/ walnuts, craisins and goat cheese!

  29. These Sugar Pears are SO good. At least the ones we got from our Sams. They are yummy in bulgar wheat for breakfast with a little honey!

  30. Reading all the comments is making me want to try the pear out. This pear looks an awfully lot like the fruit, quince. I love to make quince jam with quince from my backyard. The jam and jelly is a lovely shade of pink…beautiful and delish on top of vanilla ice cream.

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.