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What Is It Wednesday- Pommelo

There is no guessing for this week’s What Is It Wednesday, because I knew you all would guess what it was. However, there is a bit of a story behind buying it, which is a bit funny.

A few months ago when we were at Whole Foods my husband picked up a few things from the produce section for my What Is It Wednesdays posts. He picked out a white grapefruit and also this item today, which is a pommelo.

I told him to pick out a few things and I did not really pay attention to what he bought, because I did not think I needed to. He thought that both the white grapefruit and the pommelo looked good and when I saw them I thought they would work well.

We finished up our shopping trip and my husband paid for the groceries when we left. I really did not pay attention to the prices of what we had bought because we only picked up a few things.

A couple of days later when I was entering in a few receipts for our records, I came across the receipt from Whole Foods. I looked down to see that the Pommelo cost us over $6! And we only bought one of them. I don’t think I have ever bought a piece of fruit, besides a melon, that cost over $6. And although a pommelo is large, it is not large enough to be worth $6.

Now, at first I will admit that I was a little bothered, ok maybe upset, that we had paid that much for a piece of fruit. However, to be fair to my husband, he never grocery shops. And by never, I really mean never. He rarely sets foot in a grocery store to go shopping by himself, and when he does it is just for a gallon of milk or something simple.

I have always done the grocery shopping. This does not mean my husband can’t, it just means that he does not like to and I do. So, I have always done the shopping, but I am now seeing the downside of this. My husband has no clue that a piece of fruit should really not cost $6 and if it does it probably means we should not buy it.

So next time we go shopping for my What Is It Wednesday posts I will be paying better attention to the price of the items that my husband picks out. 🙂

I will say though that after I gave me husband a hard time about the price of it, he responded with a comment about it being the best piece of citrus fruit he has ever had and that it did weigh a few pounds, so it was not just any piece of fruit.

I am thinking I will just keep doing the shopping……..

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  1. That is too funny. My husband does NOT grocery shop either and would not have a clue that is something we would not buy. At least it was good 🙂

  2. AllieZirkle says

    This is hilarious!!

  3. Barefeet In The Kitchen says

    $6??? I would have gasped. If you had to spend a fortune on a new food, at least it was great food. I’m sure you won’t be doing that again though.

  4. Hi, We live in Beijiing China and these are my children’s FAVORITE fruit, well next to mangos. When they are in season they are very cheap, maybe less than 25 cents a piece. There are advantages of living overseas.

    • @Denise, 25 cents! Now my husband would love that because he really did think it was the best piece of fruit he has had in a long time. Of course I am guessing that other fruit we love and get cheap here is probably really expensive in China.

      • @Lynn,
        We miss seedless red grapes here. Most the grapes available have seeds, which my kids don’t like. But otherwise we have great cheap fruit here. At least in season. Sometimes it is hard to get things out of season.

  5. Ok, I don’t know what a “pommelo” is!!! The photo—that’s an apple and the pommelo? It looks like a grapefruit to me! I’d have to know what a fruit tasted like before I shelled out $6 for one =)

    • @Dorothy, The small one is an apple. I put it next to the pommelo to compare the size. The pommelo tasted like a grapefruit, but different. It is a citrus and this one was much sweeter than a grapefruit, but with a similar taste.

  6. Tracy Compaan says

    I have been enjoying your blog for a while now, but I don’t think I have ever commented. But when I saw your post was about Pommelo, I got really excited. We have been living in Thailand, and it’s very cheap here too. I’m think it’s an Asian/tropical fruit, so of course for you it’s imported. We love it here. I’m going to miss all the cheap yummy fruit in the states. Expensive fruit for us in Thailand are like red seedless grapes, which are practically a luxury for us because we don’t want to spend that much money. Apples are 50 cents a PIECE, but I buy them anyway. Anyway, that was a fun post. although here, the pomelos are actually green on the outside.

    • @Tracy Compaan, Thank you for taking the time to comment. I guess it all really depends on where you live what fruits and vegetables you can find cheap. I would miss grapes and apples if they were that expensive, but good fruit like pommelo would be nice to have for a good price. I am curious how they serve the pommelo, do you eat the pommelo just like we eat oranges or grapefruit or do they use it and serve it in other ways?

      • Tracy Compaan says

        @Lynn, They peel and segment it and serve up like oranges or grapefruit. I’ve never seen it used any other way. My 3 year old eats it like it’s going to disappear if he doesn’t get to it fast enough. 🙂

  7. I love pummelos, they taste like a sweet grapefruit. They have very thick peels so inside it looks smaller (but is still good-sized). However because of the price issue I do not buy them. Sometimes about once a year I can find some that are $1 each (instead of $2 per lb or higher). That is usually a picked-over lot that is old and the manager put them on sale, they picked through the bad ones that were spoiling then marked down the remaining stock. So I pick them very carefully, feeling over the entire skin for soft spots not visible to the eye, and only buy a couple of them when they’re a dollar. They are still delicious. Normally I do not store grapefruit in fridge but I do store the marked-down pumellos in the fridge because I know they were marked down to begin with.

    I wish Florida would grow them and don’t know why they don’t, since that would make them so much more affordable here in the States.

  8. That is funny! My husband does not like to grocery shop either and the only time he sets foot in a grocery store is when I am sick. And then he comes home with $50 worth of “food” which equals eggo waffles, white powdered donuts, cheese balls and other junk that I do not buy! He would probably have a heart attack over the prices of food now a days, he is clueless on that front!

  9. That’s right up there with asking a politician the price of a gallon of milk!

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.