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What Is It Wednesday- White Grapefruit

Several of you knew exactly what last week’s What Is It Wednesday was.

Others of you were close, in that you guessed grapefruit. It is a type of grapefruit, but not a regular grapefruit.

Last week’s What Is It Wednesday was a white grapefruit.

Now, I will admit that I do not like grapefruit. I never have and I doubt I ever will. I have tried, really I have.

My husband loves them. He eats them like an orange. He peels them, and eats them segment by segment, with no sugar or anything else on it.

I on the other hand can only tolerate grapefruit if there is more sugar than grapefruit involved, but for the sake of trying new foods and encouraging my kids to do the same, I tried the white grapefruit.

And it was okay. I thought it was a little sweeter than other grapefruit that I have tried in the past, but it is still not something I would want to eat regularly.

My husband though loved the white grapefruit. He said that it was one of the best grapefruits that he has had in a long time. I am not sure if this is due to the fact that it was a white grapefruit or if  it was the quality of the grapefruit that we found at Whole Foods. They do tend to have good produce at Whole Foods.

My husband thought it was probably the variety and not just the quality of the fruit. Either way though, he said he loved it and would buy it again.

So, if you like grapefruit you will probably love the white grapefruit, however if you do not like grapefruit, I am guessing that you will not think that a white grapefruit is all that different.

Now I am curious, how many of you like grapefruit? And how do you eat it?

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  1. I like it sometimes. I halve it, loosen the segments with a grapefruit knife, sprinkle sugar on it and eat it.

    My mom used to make broiled grapefruit, but I can’t remember now if I liked it or not. I probably did.

    I also love ruby red grapefruit juice…with or without a little something boozy in it. 🙂

  2. I love grapefruits, but eat it in a very different way. My dad taught me to eat it this way and I love it.

    Section out the grapefruit in a bowl, squeeze out all the juices in the bowl. Sprinkle some sugar or honey. Now the best part, sprinkle some salt and cayenne powder or very finely chopped jalapenos according to your taste.

    Let it sit for a few minutes before eating… Spicy grapefruit… yum !
    Love your idea Annie… I might even sprinkle some tequila on it next time !

  3. I love grapefruit. I like to cut it in half and sprinkle with a little salt. IMO, salt does more to enhance and brighten the flavor whereas sugar just covers it up.

  4. ruby reds all the way…when i was pregnant with my 1st daughter i drank gallons and gallons of ruby red daily!

    i will eat other grapefruit cut in half and sprinkled with sugar

  5. When I was a child my mom used to sprinkle the ruby red grapefruit with sugar and sometimes even add a glazed cherry and then grill it in the oven until the sugar browned a little. Yummy! I also eat it with yoghurt-I love the sweet and sour contrast!

  6. I like all kinds of grapefruit, but especially like the pink grapefruit. I think it’s sweeter than the white. Since I have lived in Florida for 21 years now, we eat a lot of citrus. My husbands family brings us oranges and grapefruits from their trees. Have you ever eaten a plummelo? It looks like a huge grapefruit but it’s shaped more like a squash. The skin is extremely thick but easy to peel.

  7. I love grapefruit! I eat them the same way your husband does, like an orange. I particularly like the pink grapefruit but eat all kinds.

  8. Jennifer Spinks says

    I love grapefruit! My grandmother used to give it to us to eat along with our breakfast. Pink grapefruit is my favorite. I simply cut it in half and cut the circle around near the core, then I cut along the pieces so they are broken up and then I use a spoon to eat the actual fruit. Once I eat the fruit I squeeze the juice out onto my spoon and eat it. I don’t put anything on the grapefruit either, it is perfect just the way it is!

  9. Okay. First off, let me say that I absolutely adore grapefruit; I’m a huge bitter taste fan. I do know that not everyone else is, though. Instead of loading it with sugar, try some sugar and a sprinkle of salt around the fruit—Salt, when it hits saliva or water or other dissociative liquids, dissolves into the liquid as its two composing ions, Sodium (Na+) and Chloride (Cl-). When the Sodium ions hit your tongue, they can go through all of your ‘taste sensors’ (Which are NOT, as dictated by popular myth, in specific locations on the tongue: they’re actually interdispersed); sweet, bitter, sour, etc., but they tend to get stuck in the bitterness channels, temporarily blocking the “bitter” taste from showing through as much and allowing other flavors to come through stronger! Fun fact: This is why so many sweet as well as savory recipes call for just a little bit of salt: it just makes things taste better!

    Abridged version: Sprinkle a little salt or other salty stuff on grapefruit and other bitter foods to make it taste better!

  10. I love white grapefruit! I separate it into segments, than peel each segment and eat the inside part. It’s kind of messy, but the result is worth it.

    The bitter taste comes from the white skin, and peeling segments takes care of that.

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.