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What is the Best Toaster Oven {Ask the Readers}

Ask The Readers

Some of you may not know that I have some help here on Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures. It is not much, but the couple of hours a month my VA ( virtual assistant) helps me with my Facebook page and other tasks, makes my life so much easier. It was especially helpful the last few weeks when I was visiting my family in Oregon. It allowed me to take some time off without anything really changing here on my site.

When my VA recently mentioned that she needed to buy a new toaster oven I knew it would make a great Ask the Readers question. In the past we have talked about alternatives to milk, double ovens, freezer containers, rice cookers, and more, but never toaster ovens.

I don’t own a toaster oven, but I know many of you do and you all have been so helpful in the past with questions like this. So can you help her out? She really wants to know what the best toaster oven to buy is.

Do you have a toaster oven you love? We would love to hear what brand it is. And please feel free to share your thoughts on what you like or don’t like about your toaster oven. 

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  1. I have an Oster convection toaster oven-a real workhorse in my kitchen. It saves me from using the expemsive, electric oven so I use it often for baking as well as for toasting. I bought mine 6? years ago at Sears

  2. I’ve owned several toaster ovens over the years. My favorite brand so far is Black and Decker, but I’ve been happy with all the ovens I’ve purchased. My main requirement with a toaster oven is size. I won’t buy an oven that can’t accommodate a 9×13 baking dish. In the summer my big oven heats up the house too much and I rely on my toaster oven almost exclusively. The only things they don’t do well are breads and cakes. You need the larger space of a conventional oven to allow them to rise without getting too close to the heating elements.

  3. Joanna WG says:

    I have an Oster model (number TSSTTVDFL2 as far as I can tell, writing’s too small) and I use it for more than just toast and reheating small amounts of food. It heats up quickly, has a bake or broil as well as a toaster function. It’s bell is decently loud.

    I bake in it, I’ve ‘grilled’ in it, and it heats up a slice of pizza pretty well.

    It’s a rather large one, it takes up a lot of real estate on your counter top. However, it is used almost every day, by either me, my husband or my father in law.

    • Thimote says:

      We’ve been considering buying this Oster model number TSSTTVDFL2, but we like to know if we can broil steak in it???

  4. Margot Cox says:

    I keep wanting to buy one, but in the past, I have found that the small space between the element and the rack often results in burned bottom and undercooked top. Hope someone shares one that really wows!

  5. I recently purchased one that was the special on Good Morning America deals. It’s a Panasonic NBG-110P and I must say I love it! It reheats pizza, does toast and frozen waffles and it has a button for each thing. I’ve had many Black and Deckertoaster ovens in the past but they seem to be way too disposable. They don’t last very long and they also don’t seem to toast evenly on a consistent basis. If you were looking for one particular feature that is better than another, I would say the feature I like the most is the reheat feature. I like to reheat pizza whenever we have extra. Hope that helps a little! Happy shopping!

  6. Teresa Rouzer says:

    I can’t do without a toaster oven! In the past I have had a GE that lasted a long, long time and a Black & Decker that was o.k. Now I have a slightly larger Cuisinart that I really love and would replace immediately if I needed to. I use it to bake main dish recipes in small casserole dishes or to reheat foods that I have frozen. I have baked a single loaf of bread and the results were fine. Sometimes I will sear a pork chop or small steak in a small cast iron on the stove top and then finish the meat in the toaster oven. I have lined the rack with a couple of clay tiles and baked a pizza on the tiles in the TO. When purchasing ovenware, I make sure that it will fit in the TO if I know that is where I will be using it.

    My Cusinart has the convection oven fan feature (that I thought I needed) but I rarely (if ever) use it, so I would say to think about whether you really need that feature before you buy. If you have a large family to feed your use of a toaster oven will naturally be different from my use. If you are single or a cooking couple, toaster ovens are so helpful! In the summer here in the South, I seldom turn on my large oven except for baking bread or desserts now and then. Check the amount of counter space you have available before making your purchase – very important!

  7. Hi. I have an Oster Toaster oven with Turbo convection, I love it, use it often. I can bake and broil in it, it works well. I have a small one, but there are larger models for those with larger families. I bought the cookware sized for toaster ovens, those are cute, fun and useful. My friends nicknamed it my “Easybake oven for big girls.” I recommend it.

  8. Hi. My husband bought me the Breville BOV800XL a few months ago and I am in heaven. I have two other Microwave/convection ovens and now have this one on another counter. It has so many features that it has practically become the only one I use. It bakes, warms, does pizza & has many other features & is the best. I highly recommend this toaster oven, actually I call it a convection. It preheats so fast and is terrific.[it is not a microwave], just a great oven.

  9. We are on our 4th toaster oven in 12 years because we use it daily. We buy the $50 Black and Decker toaster/rotisserie oven from Walmart and LOVE it! It’s the one that fits a full size pizzaWith two tween kids, I can’t imagine not having one.

  10. Hi,
    I have the Hamilton beach Countertop Oven with Convection, size 21.0L x 13.5W x 12.5H
    It does a great job for cooking pizza, casseroles, cake, brownies and other dishes.
    I like how convenient not to use the regular kitchen oven.

    I’ve had mine since 2009 and still going strong. It was a great price and liked that it came with a rotisserie, 2 pans and two racks. Use it a lot especially good during the summer, doesn’t heat up the kitchen. I’m happy with it and would buy another, if this gives out.

  11. Judy Hester says:

    My favorite is Toastmaster convection toaster oven broiler model TOV211. Purchased 2004 at Target. It does beautifully. No complaints with anything I’ve cooked in it. It came with a great 32 page booklet that helps tremendously. It Cooks frozen 8″ or 12″ pizzas great. It has a 6 position wire rack & removable crumb tray. Have I said I love it?

  12. Brandette Winblad says:

    I have a Cuisinart toaster, convection oven ( ). I purchased it at Costco about 8 years ago. I generally don’t use it for anything else but toast, but my husband has used it to heat food and pizza up. It is very well made and has a bake and broil feature as well. I like that it is stainless steel like my kitchen appliances and wipes clean easily. The crumb tray comes out easily and I just wipe or dust the crumbs into the sink. It’s the first toaster oven we have ever owned, but I am very happy with the purchase and it still looks and works just like it did when I brought first it home.

  13. We have one of the Breville convection ovens. I am obsessed with it! It’s big enough to fit dinners, yet it doesn’t heat up the house during the summer. I’ve already told my husband that when the sad day comes that it breaks, we’re replacing it with the same thing.

  14. Janet Geissler says:

    I had a Black & Decker toaster oven, model TO1420B, which I bought at Kohl’s a little over 2 years ago. I hated it. One big problem is that the knobs are difficult to turn – stiff and slick. But the worst thing is how it cooks – very unevenly. Whenever I tried to make toast, one edge would be charred black while the other side was barely tan. Actually, anything I tried to cook in it ended up both burned and undercooked. Even on a very light toast setting, a portion of the food always burned. My mother had the same model and had the same experience. I finally couldn’t stand it anymore and replaced it with an Oster model TSSTTVDFL2, which I got at Wal-Mart for about $40. I used it for the first time yesterday – and it made the most beautiful toast ever! Perfectly golden brown, absolutely evenly cooked. The knobs turn easily, and it will be easy to clean. I can tell already, I’m going to get a lot more use out of my new toaster oven. So happy I bought this one! Good value.

  15. Maggie D says:

    I have had a Hamilton Beach Convection Toaster oven for 13 years and have used it on a daily basis. I am replacing it only because the timer has broken and I have burnt a couple of things. I hope my new Oster holds up as well. I would not be without a convection toaster oven… is fast and economical. I rarely turn on my big oven and there is no pre-heat time. I would run out and buy one in the middle of the night if I needed to!!!!

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