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Everyday Adventures {Week 12}

I took the last few weeks off from doing my Everyday Adventures posts because I have been on vacation the last few weeks visiting my family in Oregon. Today I am catching up though for my Everyday Adventures post and I am sharing a few pictures of our trip. I hope you enjoy them.


We visited Crater Lake. It has been over twenty years since I have been to Crater Lake and my husband and kids have never seen it. It was just as amazing as I remember. The colors of the lake are impossible to capture in pictures. It is the most amazing color of blue.


We enjoyed taking lots of walks and a few runs.

bike trail

The weather was beautiful while we were there.

photo (15)56 degrees in July?! It was so nice.

And although the Portland area was having above average temperatures while we were there, it was still a nice change from a normal Oklahoma summer because it cooled off nice in the evenings.

photo (14)

Burgerville berry milkshakes are a must when I visit Oregon during the summer. So good!


We visited one of my favorite beaches. Beach, trees, and waterfall all in one view!

photo (11)

And we visited the beach again. When you live in Oklahoma and your grandparents live one hour from the Oregon coast, multiple trips to the beach are necessary.


We ate lots of fresh local berries and cherries. I think my son alone ate several pounds of fresh Rainier cherries while we were there.

cater lake

My husband and I celebrated our 20th anniversary.

Snow In June

We played in the snow on June 30th. Which my kids thought was strange, but fun.

deschutees river

We hiked along the Deschutes River while visiting my brother in-law and his family.

photo (13)

And we saw lots of views like this picture taken somewhere while riding in the car traveling cross country.

Over all it was a fun and wonderful trip, but since we don’t travel like most people, I am a bit worn out and still catching up on sleep and laundry. So, if it is a bit quieter than normal around here the next few days you will know why.

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  1. WiffytoJ says:

    Welcome home! I love your pictures of the coast. My husband and I went to Cannon Beach for our honeymoon 21 years ago and that whole area is just gorgeous! I can’t wait to see it again. Now we live near the coast in WA state so it’s not too far away. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Those beach pictures were taken near Cannon Beach. The one with the waterfall is Short Sands just south of Cannon Beach. It is a short hike into the beach and is so worth it. I grew up just an hour or so from Cannon Beach and love the area! OR and WA are beautiful and I really miss it. You live in a beautiful part of the country!

  2. Karen Johnson says:

    I love the pictures of home! I am originally from Oregon (about 15 minuties east of Salem) as well and am temporally transplanted in Pennsylvania. We are going home to visit in about a month for 2 weeks and I cannot wait to see the coast again! The East coast beaches are nothing like the Oregon beaches that I am use too.
    I also love Rainier cherries but I cannot justify spending $7 a lb that the stores around here want to charge for them, so I just suffer a little bit of homesickness every time I see them in the stores :S

    • I grew up about half way between Seaside and Portland, so I know what you mean about missing Oregon and Oregon beaches. They are so unique and beautiful. Oregon is so beautiful, especially this time of year. It only rained the day we got there and the rest of the time the weather was beautiful. And I feel the same way about Rainier Cherries and fresh berries. They are so expensive here that every time we visit during the summer I end up buying a ton of fresh berries and cherries from the roadside places that sell them!

      • WiffytoJ says:

        What a small world! I went to college in Forest Grove, OR and my husband went to college in Salem and worked in Keizer. Such gorgeous areas.
        Thank you both for reminding me how nice it is here and how inexpensive the local cherries and berries are. Sometimes the rain can get depressing but there are still such great blessings to living here. ๐Ÿ™‚
        And I will refrain from whining when it’s 80* and I feel like I’m melting. lol It can get a lot worse!

        • My husband went to college there for 2 yrs also! It is a small world. I grew up not far from Forest Grove and know the area well.

  3. I love all these photos, Lynn! I need to visit these spots! So glad you had such a wonderful family vacation. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Very pretty! Glad you had a nice trip!

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.