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Your Least Favorite Food {Ask the Readers}

Instead of talking about delicious and wonderful food today, I thought we would talk about something a little different, like the foods we don’t like.

My least favorite food will be a strange one to many of you because it is one that so many of you love (and need).

My least favorite food is coffee, which I know is not really a food, it is a drink, but it is my least favorite thing to eat/drink.

I don’t like the taste, the smell, really anything about it. I think I would rather eat or drink about anything than a cup of coffee. I am actually not sure I could even drink a full cup if I tried. Yes, I really dislike it that much.

So, now that you know my least favorite thing to eat, I would love to hear yours. What is your least favorite food?ย 

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  1. This is an easy one for me, I HATE Spam. My husband loves it, but I cannot even stand to smell it. The look and smell reminds me of canned cat food. I also think it tastes awful. Fortunately, since I avoid most processed foods, it is easy to just use that as my reason for not eating it, but I would not eat it anyway.

    PS- I avoid coffee for religious reasons, but I love the smell of it both fresh ground and brewing.

  2. I must say liver, can’t stand it have tried it many times and can’t get it done.
    I can cook it is liked by everyone but can’t stand to eat it and the smell is almost as bad but have learned to stand it. I also don’t like tea hot or cold, like drinking water with something foul in it.

  3. I also really dislike coffee! I don’t like the taste or smell of coffee or coffee flavors (even tiramisu is gross to me). My husband LOVES coffee and I do overcome my dislike of it’s smell to strain his cold brewed stuff, but other than that I avoid it. Funny thing though, when I was pregnant with our first son I was grocery shopping and commented to my husband that something smelled really good…only to find out it was the coffee aisle! That was a weird experience, but after my second trimester I’ve never liked the smell again.

    • Bri, SNAP I too detest the smell but during pregnancy I din’t mind the smell either. Am not sure if coffee drinkers realise their breath is equally as bad as smokers breath to me. I used to near heave when training people in my office as they often sat close to you when learning … ooohhh yukky

  4. Durian is my least favorite exotic food–the horrible aroma and flavor remind me of gasoline. I also dislike coffee, though I do like the smell.

  5. You are not alone in the non liking of coffee. I think it smells fantastic but the taste….just no thank you. I’m much more of a warm tea kind of girl.
    My most hated food would have to be cooked carrots. Squishy….ew. Give me crunchy and raw any day, but no cooked please. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’m with you on that one with two exception, I cook carrot coins in butter til just tender crisp then add lemon, honey and ginger and let them glaze just a minute. No mushy carrots, they still have a bite to them. I also like them roasted if they still have a bit of a bite left in them, if over cooked and mushy, I pass.

  6. Lima beans are mine! Blech!

  7. Beets, turnips, and most root veggies. They all taste like dirt to me!

  8. Eggplant. Yuck!

  9. Coffee, lima beans and hazelnuts!

  10. Strawberries.

  11. Well as stated above, live is number one on my list. Mushy carrots come in third behind green peas!.. I hate those mushy, stinky little things.

    I love the smell of coffee… for me it’s right up there with the smell of bacon and fresh baked bread… *sigh* and I like the taste but I prefer tea. If drinking coffee more often than not I drink coffee flavored milk. It’s about the only way I can drink milk. Another flavor I can’t stand. Never could get it down as a kid either.

    • I am with you on the peas. There are in my top few least favorite foods. I have disliked them since I was a kid and always avoided cooking them, but my kids all love them, so I cook them once in a while and just pass on the eating them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Egg plant…..right at the top of the list.

  13. I really dislike lima beans although as teen I went through a week of craving them every night for dinner. I dislike them so much, when my children were little we had a rule that they could dislike one thing and I wouldn’t make them eat it. Lima beams was a freebie because I wouldn’t serve them anyway. They ALL chose stewed tomatoes.

  14. Oh I LOVE coffee! One of my least favorite foods is peas. I know they are high in fiber but I find them squishy and disgusting!

  15. LOVE reading the comments here!! LOL!!

    I absolutely detest all things seafood related- anything in the water, actually. Salmon, tuna (even the canned stuff), fish sticks, duck, ALL of it is nasty to me! Blech!!

    Also, I can barely stomach English peas. I’ve gotten better as an adult- I can tolerate a small amount of them in a recipe, but to eat the by themselves? REPULSIVE!!!!

  16. Eggs! I can’t stand eggs. They’re fine as long as they’re cooked into something like a cake or casserole but if I can discern that there are eggs in something (tuna salad, fried rice, etc.) it’s a no go. The texture makes me hurl.

    Coffee, on the other hand, is the nectar of the gods! Love me some coffee!

  17. artichokes!

  18. I don’t like gravy, cheese, or fish. I luv coffee!

  19. Mary-Frances Reavey says

    it’s a tie between cooked spinach and avocado. . .(I can eat raw spinach in a salad but avocado – never)

  20. Liver – enough said!

  21. I don’t like cake roulades, or sponge cakes. Otherwise I pretty much eat everything. OK, fish isn’t exactly my fav, but I eat it…

  22. For me it’s squash. I can’t stand it.

    I also dislike liver and coffee.

    Funny how many of us dislike coffee.

  23. HATE Chicken! – absolutly LOVE turkey, but the sight, smell, texture and taste of chicken makes my stomach turn…also, any wild meat, organ meat, seafood and anything greasy. And, all my meat must be cooked within an inch of its life – dead, crisp whatever – do not wanna see any pink, much less red. Hubby says I am picky, ya think?LOL

  24. Mushrooms…my dh and one daughter like them, the other daughter hates them like me so I don’t ever use them. I figure the two who like them can eat them in restaurants or on individual pizzas. Also not a fan of liver or shrimp, though I could eat liver if I had to…but why would I ever have to?

    I do like coffee, but have to agree that it smells even better than it tastes.

  25. Patty Kasiewicz says

    My least favorite food is liver. Tried it many times but my gag reflux still kicks in everytime its made.

  26. Once upon a time this would have been a quick and easy answer – beets. I hated them as a kid and adult, like someone else said they tasted like dirt. Something happened during my pregnancy and I was determined not to pass on my aversion to my baby, so I tried them again while serving them to my husband. I love them now (and so does my little girl). Who knew?
    I had to think about something I dislike and it took reading other’s comments to be reminded that I really don’t like lima beans. They always taste starchy and unpleasant, even the baby ones. I can tolerate the small ones in a soup, but would really rather they weren’t there.
    A corollary of this “foods I dislike” is that since starting on eliminating grains and legumes from my diet with eating paleo to be gluten-free the “easy way”, I’ve learned some things that my body doesn’t like when I’ve tried or tasted other things I’ve made for my family. For instance when tasting a peanut butter – banana smoothie I made for my daughter, I was repelled by the odd metallic taste of the peanut-legume taste. As if my tongue was telling me to “stay away from this stuff.” Yet peanut butter used to be something I loved.

  27. Liver is on the top of my list! Can’t and won’t eat it ever!
    Tofu! YOCK!
    Raw Oysters! YUCK YUCK! Never baby!

  28. I just can’t stand the smell or sight of Brussel sprouts. My entire family loves them, even my grandchildren! Not this Mummum. Oh, just the thought of them…

  29. I absolutely cannot stand garlic or onions or tomatoes. Garlic is my least favorite. I know it can be a miracle food, but I detest the smell and the taste of it. My husband is a great cook and sometimes he’ll put it in some things but it’s always browned off and it’s so tiny. I know it’s in there, but if I see it, that’s it for me. I won’t eat the food regardless of what it is. If I see chunks of onion, I’ll be like a surgeon and sit there and pick it out, same with tomatoes. Different strokes for different folks.

  30. Coconut
    Lima beans
    Brussel sprouts.

  31. Melissa Miller says

    I don’t like squash, zucchini. It must be a texture thing, but yuck

  32. I have to agree with you, Lynn, on coffee. Can’t stand it! Don’t really like to smell it either. I also really dislike beets, I agree that they taste like dirt…..LOL. And I can handle chicken livers, but not that beef liver stuff!
    I thought that I disliked brussel sprouts, but I’ve come to realize that some people cook them to long and they are mushy, with a little crunch they are delicious!

  33. Boiled okra. Feels like slime going down. No thank you!!

  34. I do not like green bell peppers.

    • You know, come to think of it. I’ve decided that I don’t like those either. Raw they taste too “green” and cooked I’ve decided they still give me indigestion. I think it’s become an aversion.

  35. Beets, salmon, tuna, and meatloaf. Meatloaf has made me gag every time I’ve attempted it (I have no idea why), so my parents stopped trying after I was about 10 years old. Salmon and tuna make me want to throw up and beets? Ugh. The smell alone is enough to push me over the edge.

  36. Not a big fan of kidneys, gizzards, cow tongue, pickled pigs feet, liver.

  37. There are not too many foods I don’t like, but the things I don’t like I REALLY don’t like: beets, mushrooms, cilantro (even the smell of it makes me gag), hard boiled or fried eggs (love them scrambled and in omelettes/quiches though!). I also don’t care for liver, salmon, eggplant or squash, but I could eat them if I had to.

    And I *LOVE* coffee ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Melons. Blech! I can see why people don’t like coffee but I still do :).

  39. Guacamole. I love all types of Mexican food, and I always feel compelled to try guacamole, but every time I taste it, I can’t even swallow it!

  40. liverwurst, spam, sardines, and headcheese

    mushrooms, olives, and raw onions

  41. Oh, and I don’t like lima beans or water chestnuts either.

  42. After reading many of the comments, I wonder how many dislike some of the foods due to the way they were prepared for them growing up. Growing up, I hated vegetables of all types. After taking a cooking class and learning different ways to prepare them, I realized that I not only like, but LOVE (except during this pregnancy, they are a major turn off) vegetables. My family had always boiled our veggies until they were mushy. I particularly hated broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Now that I have learned to steam broccoli and to roast, or pan fry Brussels Sprouts (with garlic and bacon), they are two of my favorite dishes. I am sure this is not the case with every food aversion, as I know that no matter how you cook Spam or liver, I will not like them, but I wonder if it may not be the case with some.

  43. I like most things and can eat anything if I have to but I do hate coffee, spearmint, licorice, raisins, baby corn that is in chinese food (it tastes like morning breath).

  44. the first thing I can think of that I hate is sweet potatoes. I can eat them candied at Thanksgiving, but don’t really like them. I’ve tried many times to like them but yuck. I LOVE brussels sprouts, broccoli, lima beans (the big Fordhook ones), squash, mushrooms, frozen peas, canned carrots, cabbage, etc I was raised by a vegetable loving mother. She loved sweet potatoes just plain, cooked like a regular potato.

  45. Ever since I was a child, I have been particular about meat. I am generally grossed out by the idea of it. However, I will occasionally eat highly-processed meat (e.g., Arby’s roast beef sandwiches). The less it looks like it came from an animal, the more OK it is with me!

  46. I do not like green eggs and ham.

  47. Liver. Hands down. I can’t even stand the smell.

  48. I love coffee–both the smell and the taste! ๐Ÿ™‚ I like it unsweetened with a little milk in it.

    I don’t have too many dislikes, but it’s hard to pick just one least favorite. A few of mine are collard greens, Brussels sprouts, okra, and sweet tea. (I like unsweetened tea.) When I was pregnant, I didn’t have cravings, but I had an aversion to chocolate and milk. Also, I was raised with the teaching that eating any of the “unclean” animals listed in Leviticus 11 was wrong, and although I no longer believe that those restrictions apply to Christians, I still have an aversion (because I’ve never been able to develop a taste for them) to things like pork, ham, shrimp, etc.

    My hubby is a lot pickier than I am about food. He dislikes green beans, green peas, pickles, cucumbers, mayonnaise, frozen carrots, and he’s really picky about food textures. I’m sure I’m forgetting some of them. After 14 years of marriage, I still manage to cook things that he doesn’t like sometimes. ๐Ÿ˜€

  49. I think I will be completely alone on this one, but I hate FRUIT! The only ones I can handle is dried blueberries, craisins, and OJ if there is no pulp. My least favorite of all is Cantelope-I litereally have to plug my nose if I am in the same room with it! Pineapple and strawberries are pretty awful too. My mom says I was this way from birth. I am getting much better with vegetables, but I used to dislike most of them too.

    • Hubby and I were just talking about this too. We DONT like cantaloupe. We tried beets for the second time and I definetely would take beet over the cantaloupe, even though beets still aren’t my favorite veggie.

  50. Least Favorite Fruit: Cantaloupe/ HoneyDew
    Least Favorite meats: Liver ,LiverWorst, Hog Hedge Cheese (We think of it as meat) NASTY, NASTY AND MORE NASTY.

  51. Guess I can lurk no longer. After reading all the responses, I keep thinking that there’s a way to fix most any food so it’s not on the ‘hate it’ list. In fact, I just finished making a moussaka (eggplants). Guess living in California has a lot to do with it – getting all fresh from the farm foods surely spoil us. However, tripe seems to be another matter. Haven’t figured out a ‘fix’ for that. Are you going to take all these hated items and come up with recipes where people will eat the food Lynn?

  52. Karin Goodman says

    I love the smell and taste of coffee!! I drink it with 1/2 & 1/2 and sweetener.

    Foods I dislike / Hate: Sauerkraut, green peppers, liver, eggplant, lima beans, tofu, sardines, brussel sprouts, coconut and mushrooms, although fresh on salads is good. Also nuts, love peanutbutter and salted nuts like cashews and pistachio’s, but please leave them out of bread, brownies, muffins, etc.

  53. I dislike anything Orange flavored. Oranges, Orange Juice, Orange Tic Tacs, etc! GROSS!

  54. Raw oysters (just gross), spinach and liver. YUK

  55. For me, it’s celery. I can tolerate a bit if it’s cooked but raw is right out. Lima beans are a close second. I don’t ever buy/cook Lima beans but my daughter’s favorite food is celery. Huh.

  56. Martha Artyomenko says

    Mustard. I dislike it so much, and gag when it is in something and I don’t even know it is in there. I have wondered if I was allergic to it. I cannot even sit next to someone eating it. It is the worst stuff!

  57. I also hate coffee! As well as olives (though I wish so much that I liked them because the green ones are so pretty to look at in martini glasses!) and capers.

  58. Fish head. Especially when it is served to me when I am newly pregnant and a an honored guest and I socially I must at least try it.

  59. Eggplant. Just can’t do it. And I’ll eat just about anything on the planet. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Fun post btw.

  60. My least favorite food is cooked apple. It smells so good when cooked with cinnamon, but its mouthfeel is the most disgusting I can even imagine. I’m an adventurous eater; I love all kinds of “exotic” foods (eel, squid, escargot, beef tongue, baby octopus, blood pudding, even the apparently very unpopular coffee and beets), but I’d eat a pound of freshly tilled soil before a forkful of cooked apple!

  61. I survived on Army chow for four years of my life, and that made me not-so-a-picky eater.

    However, these is one food that to this day I will not eat. I refused to eat it as a baby and Uncle Sam could never change this one thing about me:

    I absolutely hate peaches!

  62. It’s a tie between cucumbers and mayonnaise. Cucumbers taste bland to me and I’m not a big fan of pickled eggs.

    What’s weird is that I like tartar sauce, but not mayo.

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