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Zojirushi Rice Cooker { Why I Love My Zojirushi Rice Cooker}

Rice Cooker

Earlier this year I posted an Ask The Readers question about rice cookers. I was looking for a new rice cooker and knew you all would have some thoughts on the subject.

And you did. I loved all the comments on that post and it really helped me in deciding what to buy.

I recently received an email from a reader who was wondering what rice cooker I ended up buying, which made me realize that I never did a follow up post about the rice cooker I ended up buying.

I know, I know, I was a bad blogger and did not follow up on that. So, here is the post I should have shared months ago. At least I made it in time for holiday gift giving.

When I wrote my post on rice cookers earlier this year I made this statement.

I keep wondering about the Zojirushi Rice Cooker. The prices are really high on the Zojirushi ones, so not sure I could justify it for an appliance I use once a week or so. I mean really, why would a rice cooker cost that much?

I am thinking it must be the Vitamix of rice cookers or what Kitchen Aid is to mixers. Anyone have a Zojirushi to give thoughts on it? I am really wondering why a rice cooker would cost that much.

When I made that statement I truly could not see why a rice cooker would cost so much. After reading all your thoughts on Zojirushi Rice Cooker though, and having so many of you state that you have had yours for years and years, I knew I needed to check into Zojirushi more.

I know the value of good kitchen tools. I love my Kitchen Aid and Vita-Mix so the thought of having a rice cooker that was a work horse like those, and that would last for years and years, really appealed to me. I knew that buying a new rice cooker every few years would add up, and that it might be worth it to spend more to get a better longer lasting appliance.

Even my brother in-law shared his thoughts on rice cookers and what I should get. So after taking everyone’s thoughts into consideration, I decided to spend the money on a Zojirushi Rice Cooker. And I don’t regret it at all. I love it.

I got the Zojirushi 5-1/2-Cup. I probably could have gotten the smaller size, but we eat a lot of rice. And that is 5 1/2 cups of uncooked rice that it holds. That ends up being a lot of cooked rice. I like to have leftovers for fried rice and cheesy baked rice, and I have three kids, so it seemed wise to get the bigger size.

Even after I placed my order for the rice cooker I had second thoughts about spending so much on a rice cooker. I mean really it is just a rice cooker, right?

eggs and soy sauce over rice

But after a few uses I was sold on the Zojirushi. It cooks like rice like no other rice cooker I have had. It cooks it perfectly. It has various settings for different kinds of rice and it cooks them all perfectly. I have yet to cook something in this that I did not like. Perfect rice every time.

I also love all the settings it has, along with the delay and the keep warm feature. In other rice cookers I have had the keep warm feature ends up burning the rice, but not in this one. It truly keeps it just warm and does not over cook it.

I use it for my rice cooker macaroni and cheese and for cooking quinoa and it works great using the quick cook setting for both.

I will say though that this is not the rice cooker for everyone. I mean really, it is not an inexpensive kitchen item to buy. If you are going to spend that much money on a kitchen appliance, it needs to be one you use often.

Since we are gluten free we eat a lot of rice. Last time I bought rice, I bought it in a 50 lb bag. Yes, 50 lbs. I told you we eat a lot of rice.

We eat it in Mexican food, Asian food, desserts, and I often use it in place of pasta when serving a meal with a gravy or similar type sauce. We also love it for eggs and soy sauce over rice.

I can safely say we eat a lot of rice and I will get my money’s worth out of this rice cooker, but if you only eat rice once a month, this rice cooker is probably not for you. Yes, it will give you perfectly cooked rice, but I doubt it will be worth the money if you use it only twelve times a year.

However, if you cook a lot of rice, and have had rice cookers in the past that you have not been happy with, I suggest looking into the Zojirushi Rice Cookers.

And if you are looking for a rice cooker or are just curious about them, be sure to read the comments on my original post to see what others have to say about rice cookers. I think you will find the comments helpful.



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  1. This is the only brand I have used for over 20 yrs! I started out with a little 2 cup and as our family grew….we are now @ a 10 cup. Rice is a staple in Japanese culture so, we definitely use the machine. Ours have lasted MANY years!!!!! The only reason we’ve gone through so many is due to upgrading. I use their other products, but I have been most pleased with their rice cookers!!!!

  2. We love this brand and have a little 2 cup one. It’s simple and doesn’t really have any settings, but we love it to death and use it pretty much every day. (It’s our second one! The first one my roommates knocked off the counter. We made a new latch out of a metal hook and eye, and it still works, but we ended up getting a new one.) I’m allergic to wheat so we also buy 50 lb bags of rice! 😉

  3. Have you tried using it for your rice cooker mac & cheese or (something I learned about on another blog & love) rice cooker oatmeal? We don’t eat a ton of rice, but I do use mine a lot with the m&c and oatmeal. I too hate how it burns everything I put in it.

  4. Looking to replace my 17-year-old rice cooker, but being gluten free, I cook a lot of quinoa in mine. Do you cook quinoa in yours, and if so, what setting do you use?

    • Yes, I have cooked quinoa in mine. I use the quick cooking setting that mine has, but I have heard it works on the white rice setting also, I just have not tried it that way since I have been happy with the quick cook setting.

  5. You must have read my mind! I decided a few days ago that it is time for a new rice cooker, and I was reading your previous post last night. Based on what I read, I decided on a Zojirushi, and after researching them, I decided on the model. Now here you are, confirming my decision, as I chose the same one as you!

    • I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine. Since this is the only Zojirushi I have owned, I can’t really compare it to other Zojirushi models, but so far I have been really happy with this model and the settings and size it. I would love to hear what you think after you try it a few times.

  6. Lynn Power Hunter says

    Have had mine over 10 years and has begun burning things I use it to cook soups and cakes. But my use of rice is enough to focus on that investment. This is great timing and am looking at Zojirushi in the smaller models as it is just me.

  7. Do you make brown rice in it at all? And is the cup measurement a rice cooker cup or a standard one cup?

  8. I have some Korean friends that love the high end cookers like this. Most cost in the range of $300+ but they can keep rice up to a week and it doesn’t go bad! If you eat a lot of rice it’s really worth it. I always soak rice a few hours before making it and that also makes a perfect rice.

  9. My son refers to me as cheap, but in reality I’m what many folks refer to as a frugal shopper hahaha. I’ve found that basically you can find a rice cooker that has great features without spending big bucks. The secret is to look for a machine which offers an auto warm function, so when the rice is done you can forget it. Rice cookers offer various functions that make the machines optimal for healthy cooking, I encourage anyone who desires a great rice cooker at a frugal price to avoid machines loaded with extra features which aren’t essential to the outcome of the rice or the ease of use, Remember that frilly features just add fluff to the price. If you follow these suggestions you should be able to find an exceptional rice cooker for as little as $40. To stretch your money, learn to buy frugally

  10. morgan gibson says

    Hi, I am getting ready to get the same rice cooker you got. I was wondering it you gave every tried cooking dried beans in it yet. I have heard that it has the capability to do so. Love your gluten free ebook. If you had to use a premade gf flour what one would it be. I made the breakfest muffins the other day, with gf flour. They tasted different then my previous batches using regular flour.
    Thanks Morgan

    • I have not tried beans in it yet. I have used it for other things and rice many times and I still love it! I am glad you enjoyed my gf ebook. If I had to use one blend and only one blend it would probably be The King Arthur homemade blend recipe on their website. They also make a great boxed one, but it is pretty expensive. Usually I prefer to use individual flours, but if I had to choose one blend that would probably be it. I hope that helps.

  11. I’ve been drooling over one of these ever I read your post but I just couldn’t justify the price. Found one today @ Goodwill for 9.99. And it works great!

  12. Jennifer says

    Absolutely obsessed with mine. Best rice ever. I need to branch out and learn more recipes to cook.

  13. I highly recommend buying a zojirushi and no other brand. It will last you decades and the quality is perfect every time. The porridge setting makes perfect steel cut oatmeal, it handles multiple varieties of rice (long, medium, short grain…all perfect every time) and there just the beginning. It has a germinating setting so you can prepare brown rice in the healthiest way.

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