Does Grass Fed Beef Taste Gamey? {Ask the Readers}

I want to start by thanking those of you who shared your story on last week’s Ask the Readers question. You all are the best! That is not an easier subject to talk about and I really appreciate so many of you being willing to share your story. That was a question from a reader, but I enjoyed reading the comments so much. Knowing others understand and have walked the same path makes it much easier. Thank you!

Now for this week’s question. This one is also from a reader and I am hoping you all can help.

I have a question. Are you familiar with grass fed beef? We have a freezer full and when I use the ground beef it seems to have a taste I’m not use to, like a gamey or wild taste. Any suggestions on getting the taste out or helping with the taste?

We covered cooking with venison several years ago for an Ask the Readers Question, but we have not talked about grass fed beef, so I thought this would be a great subject for ask the readers.

I grew up eating beef that my parents raised and we now buy half a beef each year from a local rancher and I have never noticed a gamey taste. Although, I am probably not the best person to judge a gamey taste, since I am used to eating deer and elk.

Grass fed beef does taste different, but to me it tastes better. It has a stronger beef taste, but is not something I thought of as gamey.

Some venison does taste very gamey to me and I usually use it in food that has a strong flavor like chili or mexican food. The strong spices often cover up some of the gamey taste. So, my suggestion would be that you could probably do something similar with the beef to cover up some of that flavor that you do not like.

So, what are your thoughts? Can you help?

Have you noticed that grass fed beef tastes different and gamey? Do you have any tips for helping with it if you do not like the taste of it? 

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  1. I’m interested to hear what people have to say. The beef we get is all corn/grass fed. I’m considering buying grass fed beef. I hope not. I really can’t stand game taste at all.

  2. I buy grass fed beef from Trader Joe’s. It doesnt taste gamey to me, just tastes like regular beef. I am not a vension fan (like in roasts) but will eat deer “hamburger” and this doesnt taste like deer at all to me.

  3. Margaret Flynn says:

    I’ve been getting grain/alfalfa fed beef for years, but each year it started tasting more rancid. It seemed like the rancher was feeding it more grain and the fat marbling was greater and huge hunks of hard fat were left on the cuts of meat. I declined to order another one 2 years ago.

    So this last year I got a quarter of a grass fed calf, raised locally. I find that it doesn’t have much taste at all as it is young and doesn’t have much fat. It was tender, but steaks weren’t that good. I liked having bones in my roast that I could later make into broth. I don’t think I’ll get another one from this particular person,

    So much of the flavor not only comes from what the cow is fed, but the age, the method of processing, length of time hanging, and cuts of meat.

    I’m still searching for a locally raised cow that isn’t too fat or too old!

  4. I’m a city kid that most certainly didn’t grow up eating grass-fed beef or any game meats. Now we buy 1/4 grass-fed cow each year, and I love it. It just takes rich and beefy to me, no gamey flavor, in my opinion.

  5. I don’t think it tastes “gamey” however, I have heard people say it has a tougher texture ( I disagree). If anything,I think different varieties of beef just differ in taste, so some have more flavor, etc. Now organic free range Turkey, that tastes gamey to my family. But its probably what it is supposed to taste like!

  6. We buy part of a cow every year, and they are grass-fed angus. Never noticed a strange taste. We love ours! Really lean and the steaks are always delicious!

  7. We buy natural beef from various sources. In the past year I’ve had grass-fed, organic beef from a local farmer; natural beef from Whole Foods; and just plain hamburgers from McDonald’s. I can’t taste a difference between any of these sources, except that the beef from our local farmer is much leaner than, say, a McD’s burger! In terms of taste…I just don’t know what would give beef a gamey taste. It sounds unusual to me.

  8. The only thing I really notice on grass fed beef is a very rich flavor. I also noticed that I needed to turn the fire DOWN when frying hamburgers (plus I sometimes add a little butter to the pan because the beef is so lean).

  9. To me, yes, it does. I WANT to prefer the grass fed beef. I know it’s better quality and better for me. But I don’t like the taste. I first realized this when I was at a great restaurant with friends, and they ordered an expensive filet for me….and I didn’t enjoy it at all. So I guess I’ll stay with my previous plan: just don’t much beef.

  10. I don’t know much about how different feeds affect the taste of the meat, but i do know that the length of hang time makes a big difference in the taste of the meat. The slaughtered animal should hang for several days-up to at least 3 weeks. During that process, the blood drains out and the enzymes in the meat start breaking down and releasing. When it doesn’t hang properly, you’ll have a gamey taste. We learned the hard way. We butchered our own a few years back. The timing was so that it had to be done over Christmas holidays. We hung it in the shed so that it could drain a few days, but didn’t count on the fact that it was so cold the whole thing froze solid overnight! We used the meat, but it wasn’t the most pleasant experience. I did several things that helped. I soaked the meat before I cooked it in salt water, then drained it several times. I used seasonings in the meat as i cooked it–salt, garlic, pepper. Onions in the cooking process helped a lot. I also found that it was much better in things than plain, especially tomato based meals, like spaghetti and chili. I know disappointing it is!! Hope this helps.

    • Thanks! I will have to try these things. My husband and others don’t taste what I do so I have no idea what the deal is unless its due to me being pregnant.

    • Yes, this does help, thank you. I got some grass-fed beef from a local person and yuck, it has such a gamey taste to it. Maybe this is why. I’ll soak it and use lots of spices to cook the rest of it.

  11. connie mcgalla says:

    Well, we raise grass fed Irish Dexter cattle. Given, they do taste different than those other types of beef since they have a lower fat content. But with that said, I do not think they have a gamey taste. To me the only way to describe the taste is …..clean. It just taste clean. My husband is a hunter and we have eaten venison for years. I have discovered that the gamey taste in venison is not the meat, but in the fat and the way the deer is processed. Less fat left on the meat and no aging will give you a very clean taste with no gamey taste at all. I think it is the same with beef. The fresher it is and the less fat you have, then no gamey taste….just clean and very yummy! BTW..thanks for the blog…love it!

  12. Gamey tasting meat needs to be marinated. Some people marinate in milk, buttermilk, cider, or vinegar for a few hours in the frig. to remove the gamey taste before cooking. Personally, grass fed beef that I’ve eaten is not as good as beef that has been fattened the fast four weeks with corn. To improve texture and flavor is why farmers began fattening beef with corn many many years ago.

  13. Is the taste somewhat fishy? Grass fed beef is higher in the Omega oils that other beef. We have found the extent of the “flavor” to us it is fishy depends on how long the beef was “hung” after slaughter. Most times it is hung for 14 days. We have ours hung only for 10 days. We had a 1/4 side that was hung for 21 days and it was almost inedible for my family’s tastes. =(

    This is only our 4th time with grass-fed and the last two times we have only had the beef hang for 10 days and there is only a trace fishy flavor which you really do not notice at all in the ground beef, steaks or even roasts.

    Interested to see what others have to say


  14. Grass fed beef has almost no fat, and you have to know how to cook it. I add water or cooking spray, or butter to the pan. Also, if the farmer doesn’t have them on “good” grass, they will not taste as good. Deer eat brush, if a cow isnt’ given good grass, maybe clover or fescue, they will taste more like deer. Probably also depends on the breed of cow. Ours are black angus or ‘brangus” (brahman – angus), which you know from the Hardees commercial are beef cows.

  15. The gamey taste is associated with beef fed dried distiller’s grains, a by-product of ethanol production.

  16. I just asked my cattle farmer dad about this. He said that if the cow was what he calls wild, crazy, or goofy to begin with or got upset right before being slaughtered it could cause this taste. I help him work cattle through the shoots and I have seen first hand wild and crazy cows. Most just walk (or slow run) through and express a very mild disliking of the situation but a few kick and buck and sling their heads and act, well, crazy.

    I won’t give details on what he said about getting upset before being slaughtered but he did know of it to happen once and the meat didn’t taste right. He said if they get upset the adrenaline and hormones can cause the meat to taste funny.

    Hope that helps!

    • This is absolutely true Morgan. We do “homekills” every year. We had one steer who didn’t go straight away, if I can put it that way. The animal tenses, stresses (understandably) and you will end up with tough meat. We are talking chewy, only suitable for hamburgers meat. We have them shot at home so they don’t have the stress of a trip to the abbatoir, etc. It sounds mean but it is kinder when they are simply in their paddocks and unaware of the forthcoming event.

      I am not sure about in the US but in NZ/Aus most meat is only hung for a a max for 3 days before it hits the supermarket. This effects taste too. We hang ours for a minimum of a week and the meat is perfect! Our guests are always singing it’s praises (frankly I think it’s because I am great chef … lol)

      We also never corn feed cows they are fully grass fed. Why mess with nature but I suppose in some parts of the world grass supply may be limited. With what is in corn these days (GE, etc) there is no way I would eat corn fed meat unless I knew that the corn was organic.

  17. We get a 1/2 of a grass fed cow each year. It definately is a different taste than grain fed grocery store beef. I notice it in the smell more in roasts and in the flavor more in the ground beef. I have also found that it depends on who/where you get it from. I would ask the farmer you are getting your beef from for a small sample pack, you will probably have to purchase these but they will give you a taste of different cuts. I have also found that grass fed beef does need to be cooked differently than grain fed to not be tough.

  18. When ever we would get wild meat, before i would cook it i would always soak it in buttermilk overnite and then rinse and dry with paper towel. I would cook it then. The meat would then taste like regular beef. As for ground, we always ground our own. so if it’s already ground, just cook and drain and then try it. sometime’s it is the grease from the fat in it that meat that is the culprit.

  19. We’ve been buying in on a cow with my husband’s family the last 2 years and I wont go back. Its way, way cheaper and healthier. Our meat has tasted better than grain fed organic which tastes better than the who knows what you’re getting “beef” at the grocery store.

    I will say 2 things about grass-fed. I was at first turned off that the meat looked darker…I thought maybe it was bad, but it turns out thats what the blood in red meat is actually supposed to look like. Grocery stores tend to inject their meat with chemicals to prevent spoiling and to make them appear brighter and fresher so consumers will be more likely to purchase it. (ever see the neon-red hamburger meat at wal-mart? YUM.) Secondly, I’ve never been a fan of the smell of red meat as it cooks. I’ve noticed that the grass-fed beef smells worse when its cooking. It smells GREAT once its done…its just the cooking process. My husband says I have a weird nose because he doesnt notice it. I wonder if it has something to do with the extra omega 3′s but it tastes great. Like someone else mentioned above, I dont care for filets. I never have though, even pre-grass-fed. I’ve always thought they tasted a little too rich, too beefy. My husband also says this is weird LOL.

    Good luck with this! I agree with the idea of sampling a farm’s selection prior to purchasing an entire cow. Also, a relationship with a LOCAL farmer is invaluble. They WANT to keep your business and truly VALUE your opinion!

  20. I agree with saying it has a more “beefy” taste! I wasn’t really sure about the taste the first time I got grass fed beef-very different than what I was used to. Now I will never go back!

  21. Morgan and Lisa Rose are spot on. We’ve bought cows over the last couple of years. Our first cow was hung for 10 days and we could barely eat it. We talked with our farmer and she said she thought they hung it too long. They also make sure that they deliver the cows 2 days before they are slaughtered so that there is no bad meat taste. If they are slaughtered immediately the cows are stressed and the hormone surges taint the meat. It’s best to either slaughter before transport or to wait a couple days and let the cows chill out. And hanging time taste better between 4-7 days.

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