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Making Birthday Cakes

This week was my son’s birthday, and he wanted a Lego cake. I do not really enjoy decorating cakes. I would much rather spend my time making the cake taste good then making the cake look cute. My kids however, love to have a neat cake on their birthdays.

I am too cheap to spend a lot of money on a bakery cake, and I also do not really like the taste of most bakery cakes. I always figure I can make something taste at least that good, so I usually try to come up with something I can make for them. I try to ask them what they want and see what I can do.

It really is not my talent and you can tell by looking at them, but I have found that my kids do not care. It really does not take much to impress them. Even if I am unhappy with the cake, they are usually thrilled with it.

I have found if you look around the internet, you can find some really good ideas. Most do not take anything special to make. The Lego cake used a 9×13 pan, frosting, and marshmallows. The sunflower cake below was very easy. Just a round cake and some Twinkies. I have also done a caterpillar cake out of a bundt pan.

If I need an idea or help, I just look around the internet. Taste of Home, Betty Crocker, and Martha Stewart all have great ideas for cakes and cupcakes. I doubt I will be spending money on a bakery cake anytime soon.

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  1. I love the Lego cakes. I’ve had that in my file to make for dh (yes, dh) for his birthday this year.

    There’s so many cool ideas out there. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Lady Why says:

    How cute is that?!!! Thank you for sharing!

  3. How fun! And, what a coincidence — I made that same lego cake for my son’s birthday last month! :~)

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