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Italian Sausage Soup

I love soups! They make great meals in one and I enjoy trying new soup recipes. I recently saw this one in a Paula Deen magazine. I adapted some but it is still basically the same.

This soup is quick and easy. It is also frugal, especially if you cook your beans at home instead of using canned beans. I cook up a bunch of beans at one time and freeze them to use in recipes like this.

I served this with bread and my whole family enjoyed it.

For more frugal and healthy meals see $5 dinners.

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  1. Kathy Checkley says:

    This soup is a must-try!

  2. Just printed this out and I am definitely getting the ingredients to make this very soon. . It sounds so yummy. A side salad and some crusty bread…Wow…have to love it.

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