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No Internet Today

I have been without Internet today, so I did not get a recipe post done. I currently have Internet and I hope it stays. It actually was nice in a way to be without Internet. Maybe I should go without it more often. I did not miss it much until tonight, then I started having withdrawals. ๐Ÿ™‚ So I am glad that we have it back. Now I have about 50 emails to go through.

I think my nine year old daughter was more distressed about being without Internet than I was. You see I was bidding on something on eBay for her. We love books, especially old books, in our house. My daughter currently loves a series of Lassie books from the 50’s and 60’s based on the old TV shows. I had picked up a couple used, she loved them and wanted more.

She received money for her birthday this week and wanted to find some more of these Lassie books. We found some on eBay and bid on them last night. Well, one of the deals ended this morning. So, bright and early she came down to make sure she had not been outbid. I tried to get online and couldn’t. She was very bothered, fearing someone might outbid her. I tried to explain there would be other Lassie books come up, but her nine year old mine wanted this one.

I called my husband and asked if he could check from his work computer to see if we won the book. He did not call back until about 11:00. My daughter came downstairs about 10:00 and said, “I guess daddy is just to busy with patients to check on my book.” I tried again to explain that it would be okay if we did not win the book, and that daddy was busy at work, but she was not convinced. Thankfully, in the end no one bid against us. So we won the book, and she is happy. Now if only we can keep Internet so we can check the other books she is bidding on tomorrow.

I should be back to regular posting tomorrow.

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