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Raisin Pie

This recipe for raisin pie was one I was unsure of when I made it. When I saw the recipe I thought it would be worth trying, but I was unsure about what my family would think. They actually enjoyed it. I was surprised. In this day and age, we are spoiled by fancy, chocolate filled, sugar filled desserts. In our time raisin pie seems like a strange choice for a pie, but it is really good.

Raisin Pie is a very frugal dessert to make. Raisin pies have been around for years. They can be made anytime of the year. That is what made them so popular years ago. If fresh fruit was not in season, you could still make a raisin pie. If you were out of canned fruit, you could still make a raisin pie.

Not only could you make it year round, but raisins are inexpensive. You could buy raisins much cheaper than you could most other fruit used for a pie. They were also readily available. Almost everyone could get raisins.

I know my grandmother had a version of a raisin pie she made often. It was for a sour cream raisin pie. I am sure most of our grandmothers and great grandmothers made a version of raisin pie.

These days a lot of people would not consider making or eating a raisin pie, but we should. It is an easy and frugal pie. We need to follow the example of our grandmothers and their generation and use what we have. We all probably have raisins in our cupboard or pantry. You could make this dessert without having to buy anything special. I love recipes that are like that. We need to use more of these older recipes. We could learn a lot from the frugal ways of earlier generations.

This recipe is also pretty healthy for a dessert. The crust is the most unhealthy part of it.

Give this recipe a try, you might be surprised at how good it is.

Recipe adapted from Martha Stewart.

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  1. Hoosier Homemade says:

    I used to make Raisan Pie for my Dad yrs ago.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. shopannies says:

    my daddy used to love raisin pie had not heard of it for a while though

  3. Amy @ Finer Things says:

    Sour cream raisin pie is my grandpa’s favorite. My mom makes it for him all the time.

  4. Your Frugal Friend, Niki says:

    Sounds awesome!


  5. I’ve never had raisin pi, it really looks good, my hubby loves raisin cookies!

  6. It has been many years since I had raisin pie. Thanks for the great recipe !

  7. My grandmother made Sour Milk Pie – which is a raisin pie – I make it every year ther recipe is here http://jos2ndact.blogspot.com/2009/11/pie-time.html

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