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Garden Update

I don’t have a picture of my garden, but it looks pretty good considering the July heat here in Oklahoma.  But here is what we have picked from our garden the last few days.

My peppers and cantaloupe are doing really good.  I have at least five nine cantaloupes, we picked four last night, in the fridge right now.  My tomatoes are really doing well, but the cucumbers and zucchini are almost done.  The tomatoes and peppers love heat, but cucumbers and zucchini do not.

I did not really want to plant the cantaloupe this year. They take a lot of room to grow and I did not think it was worth it.  My husband really wanted to grow them, so we did.  I am so glad, he was right, they are so worth the space they take up. Once you have had a home grown cantaloupe it is hard to eat a store bought one again.

While we are on the subject of cantaloupe, here is a neat link that I watched last summer. Meridith at Like Merchant Ships linked to it and I love the tip. It is a great tip on peeling or cutting the skin off a cantaloupe.  I have been cutting them this way ever since.

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  1. Great bounty! enjoy!

  2. What do you plan to do with all that cantaloupe? My family would have a hard time eating that much at once.

  3. Melissa, we all like cantaloupe. Including all three kids, so we have been eating it at most meals. I did give a couple away to a friend. We are also having a church picnic at our house this weekend and I plan to use some of it for that. We really have not had much trouble using it up.

  4. Fantasic! Wish I had those cantaloupe. Might did well at first, then not so much. I’d love them. I’d eat at least one every single day!!

  5. I am so jealous of the canteloupe!! They turned out great. I live in the Northeast and we’ve had the coldest summer on record, so alot my stuff is taking so long.

  6. Wow great job. So jealous of your cantaloupes, we planted watermelon and have had only a small one, next year we are surely planting cantaloupes.

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