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Simple and Healthy Summer Supper

This is based on a recipe that my sister and I learned to make in the cooking class we took.  It was my favorite dish that we made.  I think it was also one of my sister’s favorite.  Not only was it good, but it was easy.

Right now we have a lot of ripe tomatoes in our garden, especially cherry and grape tomatoes.  I decided that this dish would be a good way to some of them up.  I did adapt it for my families tastes and for what I had on hand.  But it is the same basic idea as the one we made in class.

This recipe calls for balsamic vinegar.  One thing I have learned with the balsamic vinegar is don’t buy the cheapest bottle.  Now, I know some people spend as much on a bottle of balsamic vinegar as they would wine.  I am not saying that.  I bought mine at my local grocery store. But, I did not buy the in-store or cheapest brand.  I have done that in the past and I could tell the difference in my dressing or salad recipe. So, I buy the most expensive bottle that my local grocery store had. It was about four dollars for seventeen ounces.  So, not expensive, but not the cheapest.

I think this makes a great frugal summer meal.  I served it as a main dish with my focaccia bread and my family all loved it.  This would  also use be good as a side dish when serving steak or chicken.

You need to make the tomatoes and dressing part ahead of time, so be sure to plan for that.

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  1. looks simple AND delicious!

  2. looks and sounds delicious

  3. Just made tonight….so delish! Definitely a keeper!

  4. We make something very similar to this (http://www.vanderbiltwife.com/2008/06/summer-pasta-lovin/) with mozzarella, but feta sounds EVEN BETTER. I <3 feta.


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