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Chocolate Rice Krispy Treats

My kids love rice krispy type treats. Well okay, my husband and I love them too.

However, I like my rice krispy treats doctored up a little. Plain ones are good, but fancy rice krispy treats are even better.

Today’s treats are chocolate rice krispy treats. Now, most of the time people just buy chocolate rice krispies  or another type of chocolate cereal to make them. I have made them that way, but this recipe today is my favorite way to make chocolate rice crispy treats.

What do I do to make these special? I add cocoa, and not only do I add cocoa, I add chocolate chips that melt into the marshmallows. The combination of the cocoa and chocolate chips makes for the perfect amount of chocolate.

These are really good!

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  1. FoodontheTable says:

    I’m with you – I love rice krispie treats. I found a dynamo one the other day. It was a NUTELLA rice krispie treat!

  2. I think the only way to improve Rice Krispies Treats is by adding chocolate!

  3. great idea, Lynn! I miss those chocolate PB ones… this looks like a great compromise!!

  4. That sounds (and looks) absolutely delicious!

    Rice Krispies treats are also great when made with Fruity Pebbles (though a huge sugar bomb).

    • @Rebecca C., My kids love them made with fruity pebbles. We like them made with all kinds of cereal.

      • Susan Wheeler says:

        These came out good. I made them today for church. I added a little instant espresso, but other than that pretty much stuck with the recipe. Came out chocolaty. I would make them again.

        • I am glad you enjoyed them. I love the idea of adding espresso to them.

          • Susan Wheeler says:

            As far as the holding up, mine held up great. At first I wasn’t so sure, but once they settled well they sliced up nicely. Everyone at church really liked them. I was really pleased with how chocolaty they tasted, I wasn’t expecting that, especially using regular rice krispies. Thank you for sharing them with cyber world!

  5. Susan Wheeler says:

    Oh, I forgot to add, that what I like too is that other than the need to purchase the cereal and marshmallows I usually have everything else on hand, which I really like. I am always looking for things to make that I already have, I hate buying special ingredients to make stuff.

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