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Office Lunch

Yesterday, I took another lunch to my husband’s office. It has actually been a few months since I have done this, because last time I cheated and had them order pizza.

It has been really hot here so I did not want to do a lot of baking. I decided a Mexican type burrito bowl/taco bar would work better.

So, I took them

seasoned black beans,

and cilantro lime rice, along with some spicy shredded chicken, chips, salsa, lettuce, cheese, and sour cream. I guess it was a hit since my husband did not bring any left overs back home with him.

I also sent some of my homemade frappuccino, which everyone loved. I will have to make this again to send to them. It was a quick and easy treat to make.

And then for dessert I made lemon bars. This was a new recipe and it was so good. It was one of the best lemon bars that I have made. That recipe will be coming soon.

Doing a meal like this takes time, but I enjoy doing it and it is a good way to let our staff know that we appreciate them. (Plus it is cheaper than taking them all out to eat.)

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  1. Wow, I would love to be one of your employees. I think a homemade meal shows more appreciation than any other bonus! The frappucinno looks wonderful and I can’t wait for the lemon bar recipe.

  2. schroder says:

    You are such a good wife !!!!

    I love the rice BTW … yummy yummy yummy.


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