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One Year Of Gluten Free Eating

It was last fall that I first started posting about my health issues. The last year has involved a big change in how my family eats and this week marks one year of gluten free eating for me.

My goal over the last year was to keep this site the same. I wanted to continue doing what I had always done, and that was to provide everyday recipes, tips, and ideas to help you fit cooking into a busy life. Although this site is a picture into my kitchen and life, I have never wanted gluten free to become the focus here. I hope I have been able to accomplish that.

I now post all my gluten free specific  information and recipes in my allergy section. I hope that by doing this my site will continue to be a site that everyone can enjoy, gluten free or not.

For those of you that are following my journey, I posted all about one year of gluten free eating in my allergy section today.

And once again thank you for reading and for following along on my kitchen adventures. You help make this site what it is!

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures


  1. Congratulations, Lynn! I will tell you that for most folks including myself, it gets easier and easier, and better and better. You just keep developing new strategies or simplifying even more, like doing more flourless and crustless, learning what you can rely on for you and your family to eat when you are tired/stressed, etc. As long as you are cooking with real food, which tastes the same, the family will be fine with it, too. Congrats again on your awesome first year! 🙂


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