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Five Years!

The last week of February 2008, I started a little blog that I called Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures. When I started this site it was basically a cooking journal, so that I could keep track of all the recipes that I was making and feeding my family. My husband would often ask me if I remembered those really good cookies, or whatever it was he wanted […]

My Daughter’s New Project

I have shared in the past a few of my daughter’s crochet projects. And I shared her Mother’s Day gift to me a few years ago. The above picture is one of the more recent project that she finished and entered into our county fair. I shared the above picture on Facebook recently and I think it got the most likes of any picture I have […]

Answering a Few Questions

The cookies have nothing to do with the post, but I needed a picture for this post and I love the picture and the cookies. The recipe for the cookies came from my best friend’s mom and you can find the recipe here. They are really good. Today I wanted to answer a few questions that you all have asked recently. Some came up in my […]

Tillamook Cheese {A Little Taste Of the Northwest}

Some things are worth occasionally splurging on and for me it is Tillamook cheese. Tillamook cheese is not only a really good cheese, but it is a taste of the Northwest for me. It is a reminder of  home. I have been able to find Tillamook Cheddar cheese at a few stores here in Oklahoma for awhile, but when I recently discovered that Sam’s Club […]

Couch to 5K

If you follow me on Facebook you have probably read my udaptes about the Couch to 5k program. You might have also read my update earlier this week about how excited I was to actually finish the Couch to 5k program. And not only did I complete it, I completed it in the nine weeks that the program allows. Plus, my thirteen year old daughter […]

Grandma’s Recipe Box

Earlier this summer when I visited my family in Oregon, I took the time to look through my grandma’s recipe box, and I am so glad that I did. My mom has had this box of recipes in her cupboard for years. I knew it was there. I have even glanced through it on occasion, but this time I really went through the recipes. I […]

I Am A Wimpy Gardener

I am a wimpy Gardener and I don’t mind admitting it. I have wanted to start a compost pile for years. I know the benefits of it. It is like gold to a garden and the soil, but I have been too wimpy to start one. You see we live on forty three acres, in the country, in NE Oklahoma. We regularly find snakes on our property. Yes, some of […]

Black Eyed Peas

Black eyed peas are a New Year’s tradition for many people, especially those in the south. My husband grew up eating them and loves them. Two of my kids love them and want me to cook them more often. I on the other hand guess I will never be a true southerner, because I do not like them. I don’t like the taste or the […]

One Year Of Gluten Free Eating

It was last fall that I first started posting about my health issues. The last year has involved a big change in how my family eats and this week marks one year of gluten free eating for me. My goal over the last year was to keep this site the same. I wanted to continue doing what I had always done, and that was to […]

My New Hobby

I posted about my new hobby and three words I never thought I would say over on my allergy site. I am sharing my story, struggle, and success, and why you should never give up.

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.