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Spraying Aluminum Foil With Oil

Have you ever placed aluminum foil over a pan of lasagna or enchiladas only to have all the cheese stick to the foil while it was cooking?

I know I have, but I discovered an easy tip a few years ago that keeps this from happening or at least from sticking as bad as it normally does.

All you need to do is spray the aluminum foil with oil. I use my oil spritzer, but you can also use the kind that comes in a spray can.

Do any of you do this?

Are there any other tips for keeping cheese from sticking to the aluminum foil while it is cooking?

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  1. Julie Anne says:

    Yes, I do this to almost every casserole I bake in the oven

  2. I use baking spray on foil and also on the lids of casserole dishes as a “just in case” measure after a potato gratin bubbled up and it took me hours of scrubbing to get the lid clean

  3. I always put a sheet of wax paper on top of my lasagna or a cassarole before covering with foil.. Always works for me

  4. Never done this, but now I know to try oiling. I’ve never lost much cheese from the sticking before, but it will certainly be nice to not lose any.

  5. l just spray it with pam spray

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